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Purelander Review- Easily Rip And Edit Any Landing Page

purelander. morethan 150 landers to edit and use. rip any landing page

Purelander Review- Easily Rip And Edit Any Landing Page. One Of The Best CPA and Affiliate Marketing Tools - best CPA landing pages that convert

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purelander. morethan 150 landers to edit and use. rip any landing page

Purelander is one of cpa marketers anf marketers in general favourite and most valuable tools. It allows you to easily create, upload as a folder a page, rip pages bridge, sales, landing pages etc) and add features that engage visitors and increase conversions .It is a visual editor page builder which does not require html and coding knowledge. It is perfect for creating pages fast and allows you to easily a/b test which is so important in order to optimize your campaigns, since marketers need to find the headings, images, copywriting and other elements that convert and work better.


Marketers in general, page builders, freelancers etc


  • Over 150 page responsive templates, for various niches (dating,speetakes,surveys,nutra, app installs etc all fully customizable) you can choose ready to edit and be used.These pages are clean from malicious coding and still being used by super affiliates,up to date and popular.Survey typs of landers are hard to find in most page builders (clickfunnels,kartra,groovefunnels,thrive architect etc) but there are the main type of landers used to enage and warm the visitors so that converison can be increased. 
  • After you find pages that convert very well and are successful in driving sales, (usually using spytools such as adplexity,anstrex and more) you  rip them by simply pasting the url.
  • Fast building pages in a fast loading platform without tech skills-knowledge.
  • You save valuable time and money because you do not need an expensive page builder that costs $97/month. Purelander  will not replace your page builder but it complements it. 


  • Over 150 page responsive  templates, fully customizable
  • Rip any page by pasting a url, or import a page by uploading the file that contains all the pages elements.
  • Disable Back Button.You can increase the CTR by blocking go back button of the visitor. You can also redirect him/her to the page you want (to another offer, to the check out page, to an optin page etc)
  • Count Down.Add your count down in any place you want and customize it as you like.
  • Redirect the visitor to another landing page after a certain amount of time.
  • Capture Browser And Device Info.Detect browser and device information of the visitor.This is useful for personalize the message you want to convey to the specifit visitor, by referring to the browser, device, country or town ip address etc. This is being done using the token parameters that your tracking tool gives you.
  • Audio Alert.Add an audio Alert, by uploading an mp3 file \9 it might be a speech or sound audio) and make it autoplay in your landing page. Grab visitors attention,  and increase the click through rate and time a visitors spends on your page.
  • Change background color
  • Make the whole page clickable and redirect the visitor to any page you want.
  • You can add Exit Popup to any landing page, and it works in mobile and desktop.Add a pop up after a period of time you define.
  • Add Vibration to your landing page easily, Works in mobile devices.
  • Javascript Alert increases the engagment with your landing page.
  • You can edit the page using html as well.
  • Add images, text and videos anywhere in your pages.
  • You can minify and compress the page so that it can load faster
  • You can put additional codes, javascript,css etc for example pixels, chatbot, push notifications pop ups etc
  • You can quickly replace all links and texts by pasting only once inside the editor.
  • Step by step tutorials on how to use every feature , but also how to use aws amazon web services) add your domain and create static pages, how to use CDN and https with it. Hosting your pages on AWS allows you to build pages that losad fast without any chance of them getting donwn unavailbale due to the high traffic volume.
  • Good support. All questions are answered within 1 business day.
  • New templates are added frequently


  • In order to edit the buttons for all imported pages or the ones that are available as templates, ( size,colours etc) you need to use the css folder of the page, it cannot be done with the visual editor. You can add your own buttons as images that redirect the visitor to another page. There is no buttor editor feature.
  • In case there is an exit pop up, you need to delete the corresponding script, edit your page  and after add the pop up script.
  • There are not a lot of fonts available for the text editing
  • There is no exit pop up building option, each time a visitor points to the close icon onexiting your page.  You can create pop ups activated after the period of time (seconds or minutes) that you define.
  • You cannot change the background image using the visual editor. You need to add the script inside the html.


It only costs $25/6 months (totally worth it in my opinion). All the pages are hosted and stored. 

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