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Tiktok and Affiliate Marketing: How to Generate Leads & Sales Turning Cold Traffic Into Buyers

Tiktok and Affiliate Marketing How to Generate Leads & Sales Turning Cold Traffic Into Buyers.
Tiktok and Affiliate Marketing How to Generate Leads & Sales Turning Cold Traffic Into Buyers.

Tiktok and Affiliate Marketing: How to Generate Leads & Sales Turning Cold Traffic Into Buyers

Tap into The Tiktok Goldrush To Generate 30-40 Quality Leads & Sales from Tiktok. Leverage Tiktok organic traffic to promote affiliate marketing products

If you struggle to make leads and sales on other social media you should leverage Tiktok’s benefit as a new platfrorm and its algorithm that is video centric allowing any account to grow equally fast compared to the older and big account with many followers. . In this training you are going to learn proven ways & strategy to monetize your traffic and get 30-40 quality leads and sales with a couple of hours of work daily.

Tiktok and Affiliate Marketing: How to Generate Leads & Sales Turning Cold Traffic Into Buyers

Welcome to a special webinar where I’m gonna be talking about Tiktok. As you know, obviously I’ve just seen the slide and for me it is the gold rush, so.You’re gonna be shocked to discover how you can actually tap into this gold rush by getting 30 to 40 qualified leads sales per day, per week, consistently without sending called DMS, right? Because there’s a transition period right now and the transition period.Is.The old organic methods on Facebook are not working as they once were, right? It always happens. It happened with Instagram, it happened with LinkedIn, it happens with all of these platforms. Why does it happen is because when a platform becomes.So big, you know, changes and regulations have to be put in place. So what I wanna do guys is I wanna show you exactly how you can tap into this Tiktok goldrush by implementing the strategies that I’m going to share with you, and you’re gonna walk away.With lot of good quality information that’s going to really help you in your business. Now most of you are probably affiliate marketers that are going to be wanting to sort of see exactly how Tiktok can actually help them. I’m gonna, I’m gonna show you exactly how that works so.Why should you hang around on this, Lebanon? So here’s a simple way. It’s the new organic way versus the conventional broke method. I call it the broke method is because everybody else is doing the same thing every single time. That is on Facebook. that is on YouTube.That is on LinkedIn. 

Now you’re gonna learn how some affiliate marketers are getting 10X ROI.

 That’s right, 10X ROI, whilst you’re probably sleeping on this and ignoring your prospects now.I actually call i the new wave in a way, because when I started this I was just so shocked how easily you could literally put a piece of content out there, get noticed and of course go viral in a short space of time. So right now this is not your average VSL or mastermind.What you’re gonna get in this presentation is real or value. So I’m gonna show you the new method of simplifying your marketing.Because I know what works, I’ve tested this on numerous times, right?And of course, I don’t know what. I know exactly what works, I know what doesn’t work, and I can obviously warn you about the pitfalls and everything else that you should be doing and you shouldn’t be doing.

Consistent traffic methods OK so Anybody that wants to use an alternative organic method? I’m not and and I’m not really bashing for his Facebook because I want it myself. Everybody is doing the same thing. So the reason why most people make sales in this day and age is how they can provide more value in a different way?It’s like being in the middle of a desert.If everybody’s wearing a red T-shirt, right? You got one person who’s wearing a yellow T-shirt, who’s gonna stand out? It’s gonna be the person with wearing the yellow T-shirt because they’re doing something different. They stand out. And that’s the way, kind of.How your online marketing should work? You everybody is promoting something, right? But you wanna do it where you providing value, you’re providing value here’s an example of just some of the responses that you can get organically from this traffic source which is Tiktok.

Example of just some of the responses that you can get organically from this traffic source, which is tick tock. You know you have people that are desperate to make money. Everybody is looking for a way to make money, right? It really doesn’t matter what profession they are. It doesn’t matter.You know what it what are they doing, what are they doing? The past everybody is to see an opportunity to see some value in your message or your content. They will, you know, leave messages. So for example, you can see here people have comments, made comments on the comment section on Tiktok where you have piece of content and because of that call to action what they see on that piece of content that.Allows them to comment, so for example.You know, you’ve got one person saying: ‘’military life it’s full time, the struggle is real’’. Somebody else is saying: ‘’my wife and I both work full time and it’s still rough’’. You know, ‘I do live in CA is California please help me  I’m losing my mind I need to find a way, I’ve got a newborn’’. Everybody’s out there.That needs a solution. Everybody is looking away. Not to make a quick buck, but to have something that’s gonna allow them to start some sort of income stream.and again that is the case with everything you know online you on facebook you run an ad on facebook you’re not everybody is there for one thing which is to build an income .You’re gonna learn a new way of generating qualified leads with Tiktok with a much much simpler method. 

I’m gonna show you how you can generate perfect clients on demand through this new method consistently and make this in a profitable way. So you’re gonna learn how to generate quality leads.Without relying on the old method which is sending the dreaded cold DM on Facebook, right?Umm.You’ll be shocked, but how many people out there are actually really sick of sending cold DM’s on Facebook, right?It could work for some, it could work what majority of people they are becoming over reliant on sending columns on Facebook and like I said people are always wanting an alternative solution to that so.My promise to you is, If you watch and apply this training, you’re able to generate quality leads and of course have a proven new system with a proven new organic strategy which will become part of your current system.So what are you doing right now, whether that’s promoting affiliate products using Facebook?Or are you building your e-mail list? Then this solution, this platform, which is Tiktok, right? You can build your subscriber list, you can pour out a piece of content today. 

 All you need is a smartphone. And I’m going to show you how easy it is to do it. But you need to do it in such a way where you follow what I teach you. You follow exactly what I reveal to you. Where you know you’re gonna be able to generate quality leads and you’re going to have this new proven system. If I went back in time in 2020, right and so on ask me whether Tiktok was an ideal platform for my business. I would have just.That they’re crazy for me. There was enough that was full of dancing people, right? That is not the case now. So.Does this sound like you?Number one, you struggle to generate leads.And sales on Facebook consistently, yes.You might make the yard sale on Facebook, you know, but consistently, I mean, because there’s so many people out there trying to do the same thing, it becomes difficult, right? It’s like going into an ocean full of red sharks.And trust me, when you’re in that option from the red shocks, it gets crowded.So #2 you rather fed up with, you know, experts misleading you, lying to you, or buying a course? It could be all sorts of reasons, right? You mean you’re getting lots and lots of hype out there, or you’re just frustrated and buying courses? Or you’re constantly getting bad leads?Right now again, when I started this journey I went through all this. I was getting frustrated and just buying courses and not really finding out exactly how to make consistent affiliate commissions. For me when I started back then Facebook was completely limited in what it could do and we just had, we were relying on e-mail marketing. But I’m sure you’ve felt the struggle. I’m sure you’ve felt frustration when buying courses, right? You’ve probably given up on affiliate marketing in the past because it simply doesn’t work. Why does it work? It’s because you don’t have the right pool of traffic consistently, right?We are probably just fed up of sending too much gold cold DM’s.Uh, and that’s on Facebook. You know, cold DM’s.And here’s the thing. And I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this, because on the one hand you have a high converting affiliate offer and on the other hand you’re thinking.Why have I not made a sale today? What’s going on? Is it? Is it my website? Is it myself? What am I doing wrong? And again, that is something a lot of people got I’ve gone through, right? Oh, here’s the thing.For me, you’re probably tired of wasting your money on conventional organic methods, right?And not getting any decent results for me. It’s also frustration, so you probably get fed up of getting.Poor quality leads or not getting any leads at all. And that boils down to frustration. So when people are in that zone, you know what they do.They tried to run an ad on Facebook.That tried to run it out on Google. What happens is: they either get banned on Facebook and then the back to square one knowing that the fact that they probably have a good offer.They come across well on, you know, video and they just fed up of the same old advice. And then if everybody else is doing the same thing as everybody else, who’s gonna stand out? Again, it’s going to be very difficult to buy from someone if they’re just offering identical. It’s like you know going to a burger place if you’ve got two burgers and one is.In a plane package and the one is just Burger King or McDonald’s. Everybody’s going for McDonald’s, right? Or Burger King because of the the branding.Just about standing up, what it’s about standing out on the right platform and having that traffic source. So the organic way which i wanted to sort of reveal to you is this which is sending 40 to 50 call DMS in the hope someone would reply. 

And I’m sure a lot of people on here have done this where they sent 50 messages to people. And guess what happens? Most of your messages are actually sent to the message request folder. You probably even use some software, right? Probably use a bit of software where it allegedly automates the entire process.But here’s the thing.I’m sure you can agree your income drops when you stop adding friends and talking to people on Facebook. When you stop having those quality conversations on Facebook right, your income drops because everybody’s become reliant on adding friends on Facebook. Everybody’s becoming reliant on making sure that their message goes through, right?So that is the old way, OK, like you probably will be familiar with this on a daily basis for a lot of people. Another thing is value posts and groups. Now this worked years and years ago where you put up a post full of value.On groups, people would engage. People would reach out to you on exactly how you’re doing this. What’s happened now is because everybody else is doing the organic posts on groups.Someone the the people who stand out are the people who are all who are established, right? They have bags and bags of experience.And the the person who’s standing out, they’ve got an affiliate offer, they’ll just get forgotten, right? And I’ve seen it and it’s again, it’s frustration. So you know what the real problem is, guys? Real problem is you haven’t followed the five shifts.Alright.So there’s five men shifts I’m going to cover.And what’s gonna happen is.Once you know this shifts number one, you know you’re able to fill your booking calendar with.Uh, leads whilst automating the entire process.#2.Umm.You’ll be bombarded with leads and sales every single week. OK. And #3, you’re able to attract premium qualified clients through the new Tiktok organic strategy, OK.And of course, you’re gonna save yourself a lot of money and creating a bigger impact in your niche.And of course, you’re gonna grow your business daily and have an automated system in place, so there’s actually.Five shifts have implemented into my tick tock organic strategy up to now, right?And it works. And you can, you’re gonna wanna reveal that to you today, OK?Oh, here’s the thing.The one thing that you need to know, OK, you need to make these five shifts to generate clients on demand and of course scale your business using this Tiktok regarding system, I’m gonna walk you through these five shifts that has helped hundreds of my students online and of course, transform the business.Right.And.I actually discovered these by.Research.OK, I locked myself in the room. I what I did was.Uh.I took a few months out where I completely focused on this traffic strategy.Where I tested everything, I tested content, I tested titles, hashtags, you name it right so.That’s actually responsible for generating insane ROI for businesses, right? So.I had clients who I have tested this strategy and it worked wonders. And for me again, I even used paid advertising with Tik T.O.K ads where I was getting leads less than a dollar. Literally. Can you imagine getting leads less than a dollar in the Bishop space? That is what’s possible.And of course.Consistent leads organically by just posting simple tiktoks. Simple tiktoks without having to sort of fork out a lot of money on the high tech equipment.And of course, you methods are always solutions to the most to most of the challenges. Why? Because if you have a challenge, you have a solution. And we have to keep in tune with these challenges, keep up to date.So again, I’ll have to post results for me.I’ll be honest with you guys, 2022 has been the best year in my business. I have not only generated money in my business consistently, but my clients, the people who have taught this to, they’ve made money, high ticket money. You know, the old, the old way for me was.Organically trying to post on Facebook with the intention of promoting affiliate offers or getting a client and others you know.Literally charging $500.And now, I mean, I’m getting consistent 5K days, but literally 5K days, which was kind of unheard of and was responsible for this has been tick tock because of the way I have engaged with people on Tiktok. I have, I even do Tiktok lives now where you go on Tiktok live for about half an hour.40 minutes and people come on and they ask you, what are you? What are you doing right so.The beauty of this is again.They’re responsible for high ticket sales. These shifts have really helped me make sales consistently. Guys. I mean, you know, 3000 dollars, 3005 K, it doesn’t really matter and that is becoming part of the process for me. If I was there for five years ago and these were coming in, I would be excited now.I’m not. I’m not excited in the sense that I am happy, but at the same time you get scared. You get scared because you don’t wanna become over reliant on one basket right now, for example with Facebook. But this is happening on Facebook where I clients used to crush it i used to be getting tons and tons of traffic organically but then i’m thinking. I don’t wanna keep my eggs in one basket.The danger is, if they do a change with the algorithm then what do you do then. 

I’m gonna reveal to you these five shifts.

At shift #1 we have something called scroll stoppers. What the hell is a scroll stopper? They probably wondering.When is the time that you you went out you driving on the highway?You caught something that’s caught your eye.Let’s grab the attention right, right. So on Facebook.You browse the newsfeed. Something grabs your eye, in the case of tick tock.This.The videos that get the most attention are the ones that are scroll stoppers or stop the scroll right so.These videos will have a hook within the first three or four seconds. OK to grab your attention. And this is the old school principal of Aida which is used in marketing is attention, interest, desire and action. And I’ve seen it on Tiktok where if something catches your eye.On the FY P page, which is like the news feed for tick tock.People will stop, otherwise they’re just scrolling, scrolling, scrolling  in other apps they swipe swipe, swipe. So in this tiktok  they have to stop right? The goal of your video is to appear on the FY P page. So you wanna have your own stop the scroll video, right? You wanna stand out from everybody else? Because remember, if everybody else is doing the same thing, it’s going to be difficult for you to stand out, right?And it kind of gets boring.So.Here’s an example.Of stop the spot now the text overlay. In this case, this text overlay says affiliate marketing is the best online business to start.And the text where it says the best way to make five or 10K month as a complete beginner. The text at the top, the five to 10K. That is the scroll stopper. That is the scroll scroll stopper because of the numbers when you put numbers.On your video, in the form of a text overlay, you’re going to get a lot of views. 140K views this guy got.It doesn’t even have that many followers.It is often you don’t need a lot of followers to get a lot of views. Remember this? My clients have had accounts where they’ve got just.You know, thousand followers or something 1200 when they they literally getting.800K views in a short space space of time so.Here’s another example.Now this video got 5.3 million views and again this guy doesn’t have a lot of followers and one thing is.The scroll stopper is the way the video is edited. So you have two heads right? And this is saying 2 heads are better than one. And obviously $300 per day that is itself with the text overlay being this cross stopper. So you have two heads now using.Simple editing stuff with apps like cap cut. You can do this right?The point is, it stands out and it will be 5.3 million views is not a joke, right?Anybody who wants to sort of grab people attention, you would implement something like this. Stop the scrolling Here’s another example.This is a kind of a interesting angle with stop the scroll with your. So if you’re gonna be creating a stop the scroll video, you wanna have an existing image.And you can become the overlay, so you effectively this person is got like a green screen image, and at the same time the scroll stopper is the text make money for free and the number of sales. So again that’s an example the movie gone. 

So when you have the right strategy applied, you know you can have four kids, you can have 5K days, right?So when you have.The right implementation in place, 4K-5K days will be the norm. Why is because when people, the people, the audience on Tiktok are kind of sort of new to this bizopps  space at the moment, they’re not really they like what they see, but people on tick tock get inspired. So here you can see is.I just showed you how, you know, I used to stop the scroll strategy and generated a 4K high ticket sale. 

Now I’m about to show you the most important shift, which I’m going to reveal to you right now, which is no surprises. 

Shift #2: UDC content. You talked about this.Many, many times in the past we have people wondering what is this?

Quite simply, it’s user generated content.So you have original content that is basically created by the users of the product. So for example, if I was to sell something If I was to sell a key ring, if I picked up a key ring and.I did a 62nd Quick video review of the key ring how Gray is and then I put it as a tick tock video that is a user generated content that is user generated if I picked up a book on making money with affiliate marketing and spending just a couple of hours a day.That is user generated content, right. And you can do this. So this is different from other types of content like images, videos, reviews. It’s more personalized because you’re speaking directly to the potential customer, the prospect.Umm.So here’s some examples.OK, we are people have actually made money from UGC content, even for ads like in the ecom space it is brought in 30K in just 1313 days because people are using this UGC content on a consecutive basis, even big.Plans on using UGC content, so you have like these ring jewelry stores, these big companies who are like using, they’re actually filming this.In the store, right, they’re getting people to sort of make a quick video, open up the ring and then boom, you GC content, so that is a fair forward.I mean you got people saying this Tiktok  made 5500 thousand in three months and again UGC content is mentioned. UGC content is constantly mentioned. 

Why UC content is important? We are quite simple, 79% of people say.It does have an impact on their decisions. So you got this light, nice little stats.Nearly 30% higher convergence than normal videos. And here’s an example of a guy you got a guy drinking a drinking some kind of drink.And you’ve got three different sort of images, image 1.Image two, Image 3 and again UGC content is the angle is the messaging behind this . So I’m not gonna really read out all the stats to you, but you can see how powerful this is.Umm.So.There’s still marketers out there that don’t use UGC content. Why? The thing is too technical. I mean, literally, you just need a form and you can you can even start your own UGC content story, right?And they probably don’t know how to set it up right. So that if they don’t know how to set it up, they’re gonna struggle and they probably think it’s gonna be costly, it might not work. So there’s a lot of affiliate marketers out there that just don’t really use it and they just choosing to just use simple strategies that everybody else is using. But againUDC should be used, right? 

Here’s an example of a good friend of mine based in Manchester and I gave him advice on following a Tiktok strategy. And here’s the thing, this guy, he’s passionate about food. I told him to post a bunch of videos on Tiktok and document this journey.So now what has he actually has is a a secret recipe, a sauce that he wanted to reveal. But I told him to do UFC style videos where he’s mixing the sauce, he’s actually preparing the sauce and he’s going to reveal the secret formula. As a result of this he got a tons and tons of views, tons of leads. These leads led to sales. So people were ringing this phone. I told his phone number on the video as an overlay and for his phone was bringing left, right, center. Why is because.of the UDC handle that i gave him right because that shift #2 point I made embrace it guys because that’s an example that that’s proof right now so it’s not just about views, but turning those views turning those strangers into buyers.

This is why I love Tiktok, because overnight this guy has become an overnight local celebrity. So everytime he’s going out they’re like, oh I’ve I’ve seen you on Tiktok. I’ve seen your video on Tiktok on the for you page is because of his UDC style videos so again you can take this as inspiration. 

So here’s my exact UC strategy guys. So for example, if in the bizopp space, what I recommend personally is have a 60 sec UDC video. People love speed. Money loves speed. People’s attention or  Tiktok is very very fast ?What you would do then is optimize the title so your title right? Your title of your video has to match whatever you are seeing on the video. So if it’s an interesting video on let’s say 5 tips on how to make money from Canada, you would also mention that on the title of the video. 

One, this is very and this is happening over the last few months. Even the ones without the sound are getting good engagement. Before it was, oh, you gotta use a trending sound. You gotta use the trending sound. But you can even test content or videos without the sound because people just want to see the messaging, right? Some people don’t like the music.Some people just want to see, alright, OK, what is this guy? How can he help me? What’s in it for me? And then my strategy would be to publish. Use sound. But if you’re gonna be using sound, use relevant trending music and of course call to actions. So in this case call to actions could be click the link in the bio.Obviously you need 1000 followers to have some sort of link. so that is my UDC strategy. And so I just showed you how affiliate marketers just like yourself or using UDC content to generate leads and sales and you’re probably, you’re probably have not been paying attention to this. So what I’m going to do now is I’m going to reveal to you the most important shift, right?and that is getting help in the form of an expert so 

Shift #3 is obviously have an expert so in this case we have some kind of expert who can sort of guide you and of course help you 









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