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Flip Flop Profits Vol.2 Review and Bonuses- Build A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business

Flip Flop Profits Vol.2 Review and Bonuses- Essential Course on How To Start & Build A Successful Online Affiliate Marketing Business With Increasignly More Leads and Sales in Any Niche

Flip Flop Profits Vol2. is the new Updated Version of Flip Flop Profits teaching you how to Start & Build A Successful Online Affiliate Marketing Business from the ground up in any niche by doing Product Review for Products & Launch Jacking that have Affiliate Programs. The training is mostly for those who are seeking a long term cash flowing business , generating thousands of dollars per week, but also for those who want fast commissions and money by implementing the paid traffic methods.Fundamendal Guidance on How To Build Your Personal Brand, Website that it Get Indexed on Google , Full Email Marketing Set Up & Automation, How to get Instant Traffic Using Paid Traffic With a Thorough Google , Bing and Solo Ads Training and more…

My purpose of this Flip Flop Profits Review & Bonuses is to let you know all the details about the course, the video modules, the vendors’ bonuses, the benefits and features and full details about the otos- funnel pricing  so that you can make an informed decision about whether is the right training to start your affiliate marketing business, or grow it exponentially. I put an exclusive and high quality bonus package that complements the training and it will help you get the most out of it.


flip flop profits review bonuses
flip flop profits vol2. review and bonuses
flip flop profits review

What is Flip Flop Profits Vol. 2

Flip Flop Profits vol 2 ( second updated edition) Is the second updated edition of Flip Flop Profits  by Demetris Papadopoulos, the co- called d- papa, an ethical marketer that I admire, trust and   he is one of the few that really cares about helping affiliates, very supportive, delivers high quality ever green products and his work ethics, customer support is top notch. Flip Flop Profits vol 2 is   a step by step training and the vendor’s sharing his journey , blueprint and roadpmap for building a successful affiliate marketing business by making product reviews for trainings and software in the Jvzoo and Warriorplus marketplaces.

Of course his method can be applied for affiliate products ( digital courses, digital products, softwares etc )listed on all marketplaces, it does not really matter.

 The vendor uncovers his tested strategy and tactics and actions that he takes to consistently making thousands of dollars per week in affiliate commissions Demetris started with affiliate marketing and  promoting jvzoo and warriorplus  training and software products in 2014 and has become one of the most successful affiliate marketed in these platforms and his name is frequently classed top affiliate in the leaderboard.He is also one of the most well reputed vendor selling his courses and software programs. 

This course is mainly about affiliate marketing using your blog. The making video review and ranking video part is  covered fully in the Passion Tube Profits that you are getting for free! So this is a shortcut , fast forward process of getting amazing results a lot of commissions and sales . 

This method requires dedication it is not a get rich scheme or shiny object syndrome , and it highly rewards whoever is consistent and persistent , learns form his/her mistakes , always seeking improvement . Nevertheless, if you are sure about building a long term affiliate marketing business and you want to try the methods shown, you still have the opportunity to make easy and fast money- commissions because there are methods to gain instant traffic and potentially leads, money is shown using paid advertising.

This is not a get rich scheme or another shiny object that promises push button money that eventually make you losing your time, money from buying this courses and the worst of all let you disappointed.

In order to make build a strong foundation and earn  you need to look this business mode In a long term perspective and cultivate the right mindset and habits so that you do not get disappointed and quit .So you need to follow Demetris advice and action steps  and make them a habit to  rip the most benefits and enjoy a constantly increasing income.

The Flip Flops imply the lifestyle of making money from the comfort of your home.

Affiliate marketing and making product review for physical or digital products can be a very lucrative business .There are a lot of bloggers and youtubers that earn tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars each month. But it is important to follow a proven model that works other ways you run the risk of losing precious time , resources, money and get disappointed. This step by step course by a top affiliate revealing all his secrets and what he actually is doing consistently removes any guesswork .You are taking advantage of his experience so that you avoid mistakes  that could hold you back.

Who Is the Vendor - Couch of Flip Flop Profits

The vendor & couch of Flip Flop Profits Vol.2  is Dimitris Papadopoulos  ( very successful and well renowned marketers and vendor oh high quality, evergreen products such as:  TrafficZion, Cpabootcamp, Bing Bang Profits, Tubematic, NFT’S Cracked, Liquid Crypto Gold, Spectra App, Pinbank, Passion Tube  Profits, Passion Fuze, Flip Flop Profits Vol 1, Passion Blog Pro ( the last 4 you are getting for free) and more…


Key Points of Flip Flop Profits

- If you are a beginner to Affiliate Marketing, Launch Jacking, Blogging, Product Reviews & you want a proven formula that will lead you to success this is the right training for you
- If you want to start an affiliate marketing blog in any niche this is the course you need
- If you are new to email marketing and would like to know how to set everything up, want DFY email campaigns, learn how to automate the list building process, do email broadcasting, email sequence etc, this is the right training for you
- If you tired of all these scammy shiny object products , with all these false claims only to find yourself having wasted money, time and left with disappointme, you need to stop chasing them and choose this product

Who is Flip Flop Profits vol2 For

Who is Flip Flop Profits vol2 Not For:

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Benefits of Flip Flop Profits Vol. 2 Training

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Benefits of Flip Flop Profits - Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Method

A few of the  Flip Flop Profits  Vol 2 Benefits & Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Method are:

Features of Flip Flop Profits Vol.2

How Will Flip Flop Profits Training Help You in Your Affiliate Marketing Career and Building a Successful Online Business

assitant img

The information shared inside Flip Flop  Profits, is based solely on Demetris  personal results. He has been generating these types of commissions, since 2014, when he first started my journey with Affiliate marketing. He has developed a 20 minute method, taught inside, to bring 1.000-5.000 dollars / promo.  Everything taught inside is not based on theory but based on facts with proven results inside. This training is a shortcut for your online success journey.

Vendors' Proof of Commissions and Earnings

flip flop profits review & bonuses
flip flop profits review & bonuses
flip flop profits review & bonuses
flip flop profits review & bonuses

Demetris Papadopoulos Customer's Testimonials

flip flop profits review
flip flop profits review & bonuses
flip flop profits review & bonuses
flip flop profits review & bonuses

Flip Flop Profits Full FE - Video Modules & Training Review- Members Area Walkthrough

Flip Flop Profits Video Modules: Inside the members are of  the FE of Flip Flop Profits there are 23 videos

flip flop profits vol2 review - bonuses

- DFY Homepage Template

In this section is it being shared another sweet gift , a homepage template

- Delivering Bonuses For Free

How to find bonuses to give away to incentivize people to buy through your link and get them for free, as well as bonus delivery page, how to deliver inside warriorplus and jvzoo and canva designs for bonuses.

- How to Post and Deliver Emails At The Same Automatically

This is another cool hack I did not know about and it saves you time while organizing your work better.

- GADS Traffic Method

This is the juicy part, Google ads training & how to get commissions overnight with paid traffic. So even if you do not have following, subscribers and your website is brand new you can still test the waters and earn money and see if this business model is the right fit for you and you want to take it seriously and do it full time.Tips on how to get laser targeted buyer traffic to your offers

- BADS Traffic Method

The coach is showing you exactly how to run ads using Bing ads. Again very useful tips on how get buyer traffic and more visitors quickly


- Flip Flop Profits Overview

Flip Flop Profits Orientation Video

- What you Will Need

This is all about the automation tools, domain hosting and email autoresponder that you will be needing and the pricing.You can start this online business with as low as $30

- Starting your Foundation

- Create a Brand in Less than 3 Minutes

Personal branding plays a crucial role in marketing because you want differentiate your seld from the others and build a foundation that is essentially what you are it is reflecting your personality and the value that you give to other people. It will help you stand out from the rest  have recurring visits , followers, subscribers and gain trust of the people visiting your videos links etc

- Finding Domains With Built in Traffic

Very essential part. What domain you should choose and how to get cheap available  aged domains with backlinks.This tip will save you months of trying to rank your posts on the search engines.

- Let’s Build Your Site Quickly

There are the first steps you need to take to start building your website and have it up and running in less than 20 minutes.

- DFY Template To Post Your Content.

Demetris is showing you how to install a wordpress them and he is  vendor is giving you a premium wordpress theme ( that costs more than $50), and an API key for security updates and a review post template as well so that you do not start from scratch.In addition, you can use his recommended plugins and  he is suggesting the best content automation tool that will help you a lot with the content marketing: it will help you create blog posts, ads, email campaigns

- Let’s Build your First Review Campaign (do not skip).

This is about how to find products to promote and how to ask, what message, to write in the request form so that you have more chances of getting approved by the vendors and give you your affiliate link.Very helpful tips for beginners. Furthermore secrets about how to get review access that will greatly help you in making your review without the obligation of buying a product in order to do so.

- Setting up your Lead Form on your Website

The coach cannot stress enough the importance of building a growing an email list form the very beginning. Is where the money is and how you will be generating passive income  over time.This module is all about signingand setting up your autoresponder so that you collect leads and send newsletters and promotions. In addition he is showing you how to build a lead form and embed it on your website.

- Instant Leads Method

Another great way, if done correctly, to get instant traffic, leads and sales with Solo Ads. A solo ad template is given away to motivate you start without any hustle.Demetris suggests a solo ad marketplace, how to structure your email ( headline and message) and the optin- landing page and requirements for choosing a solo ads vendor

- Securing Your Domain

This is about how to add an additional layer of protection for your website.

- Free Traffic Method Guaranteeing Instant Results

Another cool way to get free traffic from other  blogs of your niche

- Tweaking Your Website Up for Better Conversions

This module includes faster indexing and necessary google tracking tools

- Monetizing your Websites

How to create and  Banners . Banners on your website is a another way to get an additional backlink too.

- How to Land in Inboxes

This is a method of setting  up your autoresponder in a way that you will be guaranteed to land in inboxes to make sales

- How to Build Automated Campaigns

. This is another very important part that completes the full email marketing set up and automation and it is all about email campaigns, sequence, email scheduling and broadcasting and . The email marketing part is thorough and detailed.

- Your Next Steps

This is the conclusion and how to take advantage of the course to build a successful long term online business from the ground up no matter which niche you will choose.

- Flip Flop Profits Exclusive Bonuses

This is the conclusion and how to take advantage of the course to build a successful long term online business from the ground up no matter which niche you will choose.

Vendors' Bonuses For Flip Flop Profits Vol. 2

flip flop profits vol 1

Bonus #1 Access to Flip Flop Profits Vol 1
Get access to the first version of my Flip Flop Profits course that was released back in 2017. This is again, addition to what you are getting inside FFL Vol 2, but with other traffic methods, and other tools used back then. He still uses these methods, and you will see the change throughout the years with the new course. Everything inside, is still working today.

Total Value: $47

Passion Blog Pro

Bonus #2 Passion Blog Pro
This is where it all started. Passion blog pro, is proof of the fact that he has built his business back in 2014, only to see nothing but the same methods. This however, was the actual step by step of my whole business online, how it all started, and how it’s still growing today. Great value and overall sharing my whole online career, something others would charge an arm and a leg.

Total Value: $47.00

Passion Tube Profits

Bonus #3
Passion Tube Profits
In this online business, you need to learn how to build a youtube channel, so that you can drive some quality traffic to your websites. Inside Passion Tube Profits Demetris provides you with detailed, step by step, videos on how to build a channel online but also how to monetize it through affiliate marketing and google adsense.

Total Value: $47.00

Passion Fuze

Bonus #4 Passion Fuze
Inside Passion Fuze the coach covers everything you need to know about the Jvzoo Platform, how to earn commissions with Jvzoo, but also how to build your passion online and start making money from it, through the Jvzoo Platform! This is one of his premium best training courses, covering everything that has to do with Jvzoo.

Total Value: $47.00

Flip Flop Profits Vol. 2 Funnel- Pricing- OTO's

Flip Flop Profits FE: $27 (50%)


Flip Flop Profits Vol 2, is an updated version of his  best seller Flip Flop Profits Course, where he takes users and subscribers by the hand, and show them exactly how he is generating $1,000 – $5000 plus, per promo, consistently, using his affiliate marketing blog with just 20 Minutes PER PROMO…It’s not a 20 minute a day , but actually 20 minutes per promo that will bring you back, $1,000 to $5000+ if they are consistent and want to go long-term. 


Even short term will allow users to actually get commissions over night.  


The vendor shows you exactly how to set up a replica of his own blog, and show them how to automate everything from traffic, to building a list to generating commissions consistently.  It’s all laid out in 20 + videos, taking them step by step for you  to implement everything.


At the end of the course, you will have your own website up and running with content, that is ranking, and being indexed on Google, while also visitors from all over the world through the simple, yet effective method Demetris has been using since 2014.   


Everything is given for you to install , build, and see results.


This is a legitimate way to generate a true passive income, using battle tested methods, for evergreen daily commissions.    


This can all be done with just 20 minutes per promo a time, that actually brings back $1,000 to $5,000 per promo.  

flip flop profits review and bonuses

Flip Flop Profits OTO 1: DFY Suite  $67

Looking to get started with affiliate marketing?

Or maybe you’re already an experienced marketer but you’re looking for a way to scale your business and get better results without all the grunt work.

Either way, DFY Suite is perfect for you.

We provide done-for-you built landing pages, optin pages, and review pages for Clickbank offers and affiliate offers from Warrior+ and JVZoo. These pages are evergreen, battle tested, and traffic tested.

All you have to do is enter your own affiliate links within the content and send traffic to these pages. You can even install these pages on your own servers or use our built in subdomain feature to add your own domains.

Plus, we have a DFY Review Template that you can use with Paid Traffic , 10 Evergreen Warrior+ and JVZoo offers, 20 DFY Reviews for Top Clickbank Offers, 10 Optin Funnels, Discount coupons and Guaranteed Approval to promote, and exclusive bonuses from high converting promos he has done.  

Get started today with DFY Suite and see the affiliate marketing results you’ve been dreaming of!

flip flop profits review and bonuses

Flip Flop Profits OTO 2: Free Traffic $197 

Looking for a traffic service that will provide you with around-the-clock organic traffic?

Look no further than Flip Flop Traffic! 

Not only will you get traffic from the vendor’s ream  24/7 traffic service, but they’ ll also optimize your Pinterest account to help you get even more traffic from there.

Plus, they will give you a DFY affiliate marketing website that you can use to start making money online right away. And all of this comes with their free traffic guide and setup service.

So don’t wait any longer, sign up for Flip Flop Traffic today!

flip flop profits review and bonuses

Flip Flop Profits OTO 3: Coaching + DfY Services  $97 (6 payments) or 497 one payment

Do you want to start an affiliate business but feel overwhelmed at the thought of doing it all yourself?

Or maybe you’ve tried to start an affiliate business in the past but didn’t have the time or resources to make it successful. Introducing My Biz- a done-for-you service that will take care of everything from building your website to branding to creating content. Plus, you’ll get 1:1 coaching from him on how to make your business successful.

flip flop profits review and bonuses

My Biz is the perfect solution for busy people who want to start an affiliate business but don’t have the time or knowledge to do it themselves.

I’ll take care of everything for you so you can focus on growing your business. 

Included in My Biz are exclusive plugins, training courses, and content that he created himself. 

You’ll also get free access to products that he will be promoting earlier, and guaranteed approval if denied. 

You’ll be getting his exclusive bonuses that he is offering for these products, and also 60% commission on his own products, with future review access to my future products. And all this will be shared inside a private inner circle group where he will be able to respond to your Q&A ‘s.  

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have a successful affiliate business without any of the stress!

Click here to sign up for My Biz today.

Newbie Friendly Method
Newbie Friendly Method 100%
Training Quality
Training Quality 98%
Make Money Online Fast
Make Money Online Fast 95%
Value For Money
Value For Money 97%
Scaling Up
Scaling Up Potential 100%
Risk Of Method
Scaling Up Potential 1%

Grab Flip Flop Profits Vol.2 and Secure your $107 Value, Exclusive Bonuses



discount coupon input

My Exclusive Bonuses For Flip Flop Profits Vol. 2

Please contact me on Instagram, or FB After Purchase making Sure Before You Buy That You Have Cleared Your Browser’s Cookies


The Perfect Bonus That Goes Hand In Hand With The Training. 

Best easy to follow, step by step, onsite and offsite SEO. If you implement what it is being shown you will have no problem ranking on the first page for low competition keywords.

If you want to rank for more competitive keywords, use the off site SEO buying backlinks from the source the vendor suggests!


Marketing Graphics for Appealing – Engaging Banners, Pages, Emails etc 



BONUS 3 removebg preview

Coupon Codes For Free Advertising for various Ad Networks! Use them for new accounts. The best way to get started 

BONUS 4 removebg preview

Get Your Video Embedded in 40 Niche Relevant Blogs. Boost your ranking and potential gain new subscribers & views. 


Premium WP Themes , Plugins for : Security, Woocommerce, Fast Loading Pages- Speed, Content Lockers ( double or triple your traffic) , Quora Plugin, SEO, Page Builders etc

BONUS removebg preview

100 Do Follow Backlinks from Websites with DR 10-73, UR 8 – 39

White hat method. Your page will rank higher and will not drop over time.

BONUS7 removebg preview

Bonuses For ANY 1 OTO

BONUS 1 removebg preview

Quiztarget is a Premium Quiz,Polls,Surveys Funnle Builder that Will Help You Skyrocket  Your Leads Generation Ratio, Conversions- Sales. You can use it for FB Ads as well. Qualify Your Leads, Create Engagement. All Super Affiliates Use Quiz Funnels. Perfect Marketing Tool in your Arsenal. You get full Commercial License and Unlimited Usage! Learn more about Quiztarget

BONUS 2 removebg preview

My Traffic jacker is a software allows you to find aged,expired domains with backlinks form authority sites (wikipedia, cnn,youtube ,harvard, yelp,medium, forbes,bbc   etc ) that they may be still getting traffic and have juicy links. You can find real golden nuggets  and start a website or blog with traffic and authority so that you can rank higher. You can use these websites for backlinks as well.


BONUS 3 removebg preview 1

Organic, Safe, Video Promotion to a 10.000 Audience. An opportunity for boosting video ranking, get subscribers & viewers.


To  Your Success ,

Giouli Giannakandropoulou



Grab Flip Flop Profits Vol.2 and Secure your $107 Value, Exclusive Bonuses






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