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Profit Singularity  Review & Bonuses ($997 Value)

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Thank you for visiting my Profit Singularity Review & Insane,Exclusive Bonuses Page. Everything you need to know about Profit Singularity Ultra Edition : Benefits & Features of the Method and Training. Ai Tools -Softwares, Cost-Pricing, Pros & Cons, Training,Case Studies & Testimonials

Profit Singularity Ultra Edition is a proven, step-by-step system for making consistent, passive income from affiliate marketing through YouTube. This untapped traffic source is generating our students tens of thousands in profit every single day and nothing like this has ever been shown before. We have created a highly successful strategy that leverages AI and creates a very straight-forward path to success, even for beginners. My purpose of this Profit Singularity Ultra Edition Review & Bonuses  page is to help you find all the necessary details,benefits,features,pricing and refund policies for this product so that you can make an informed decision in order to decide whether it is the right fit for you,as well as to provide you with bonuses that compliment the training and they will definety help you make the most out of it.

profit singularity ultra edition 1 768x228 1
profit singuarity ultra edition review and bonuses
Profit Singularity ultra edition review and bonuses

Profit Singularity Ultra Edition Full Review & Bonuses​

What is the Profit Singularity Ultra 2022 Edition

profit singularity ultra edition review - bonuses

The Profit Singularity Ultra 2022 Edition is the Latest, Updated and Improved Version of last years Profit Singularity ,which was a blockbuster.

It is all about teaching students how to promote affiliate marketing and cpa affiliate marketing offer of any kind (especially health, fitness and beauty) using the most high quality, targeted and buyer traffic of the second largest website and search engine, which is Youtube, using the power of artificial intelligence and automation bots . Youtube as a traffic source is not being used usually form affiliates and there is a lot of opportunity for anyone to jump in, create profitable campaigns and the profit’s scaling is enormous reaching millions of buyer intent audience.

The benefit of using Youtube compared to Facebook, Instagram is that the advertising rules and restrictions for affiliates are not so harsh and strict. Nevertheless, the CPC cost per click and overall advertising cost is significantly lower compared to Google search ads and Facebook , Instagram. While the advertising cost is low ( about 0.08-0.25 $/ click) and the audience being vast like the waters of the ocean sea , there is a huge potential for profits at the lowest period of time.


 The Profit Singularity Ultra 2022 Edition system and training is a step by step , no stone unturned, business in a box , that turns newbies with no marketing experience or skills to pro and super affiliates at no time.


The program’s vendors and tutors aim at guiding their members & students to achieve a successful online affiliate marketing business in 8 weeks which is the duration of the course  and build a solid, profitable make money online that can generate at least $1000/ day profit in the shortest time possible.

There are a lot of testimonials, case studies and members and beta testers results that can prove that this method and system works very well.

Actually there affiliates that have generated 100’s of thousands of dollars.

Keegan Mueller who is doing large part of the training, is a live example.

The vendors give to members as bonuses a software program that turns any text, copy ad ( professionally writer ad copy that it is designed to presell and arouse curiosity and engagement) into video using a big library of video footage clips, images and text as subtitles ( similar to Invideo, Pictory & Vidnami) that makes it super simple and fast to create video, vsl ads for Youtube.

In addition, another software for create successful ad copy is provided , so the students do need to be professional copywriters in order to persuade and entice the desire of the ads visitors to buy the product that they promote.

These 2 features play a crucial role in the creation of attention grabbing and converting video ads.

Another very important factor and value of the program it provides  a step by step high quality training about Youtube ads. It covers literally everything: Youtube channel creation, google ads account, how to connect your channel to your google ads account, how to create youtube ads, the targeting , the tracking, the scaling process , what metrics and data to look into so that you can  which element of the ad or the campaign needs improvement ( the ad copy, the video, targeting etc).

Furthermore, there are done for you landers that you can edit and modify saving you a lot of time and removing any guessing about how to build a simple landing page ( you do not need to have experience in page building)


How does the Profit Singularity Method Works

Crush it using Profit Singularity Method and AI Funnels 3 Easy- Peasy  Steps :

Profit Singularity

Traffic System

Semi Automated. Never Seen Before

Profit Singularity

Profit Machine

Already Optimized- Never Seen Before

Profit Singularity

Test & Scale

Streamline Method- Never Seen Before

Profit Singularity

Step #1 Generate Your Video

You Provide a 90 sec Script. The AI Tool Does the Rest

profit singularity ultra edition

Step #2: Create a 1-Page Mini Website

Easy With Done For You Templates

profit singularity ultra edition

Step #3: The “Already Optimized” Money Offer

Send Click to a High Converting Offer

How the Idea of This System and Training Was Born, How it All Got Started

The sparkling idea behind Profit singularity is the result of the incredible success that one of the main instructors of the training has had, Keegan Mueller. Keegan tried this method and perfected it to the point that all other people who was introduced into it  produced similar results. Keegan now earn more than $50.000/day, steadily, and most of this is passive income since he lets the winning ads running without doing any hard work at all.

Ilyo s results
profit singularity ultra review and bonuses

Who are the people behind Profit Singularity Ultra Edition

Behind Profit Singularity Ultra Edition are the vendors :

 Mark Ling ( a very successful-experienced affiliate marketer that started more than 10 years ago cruching it with products from Clickbank and high ticket program).

Rob Jones ( Rob is a copywriting expert and most probably * will cover the video sales letter ad copy  training &

Garry Cramer, ( one of the top marketers worldwide  as well , who had been using Facebook for a lot of years and also had launched 3 more blockbusters together with Rob and Mark,  like ‘’healthy commissions’’,  ‘overnight freedom’’ and ”profit engine) .

 These products were teaching students how to  use Facebook as their traffic source, but due to strict rules and restrictions for affiliate marketers and IOS updates, Facebook has become harder and harder for ‘’small’’ marketers and a great deal of creativity in needed, This is why they switched to Youtube that has also less competition and other benefits like the ones listed below.

Most probably the largest part of the training will be done by Keegan as he is an expert in youtube ads and has a huge experience, being the pioneer and ‘’inventor’’ and of  this method.

Drastically transforming the students life ,status and confidence, making them super affiliates that now earn a ton of  money they wouldn’t have believed it could be possible and achievable.There are  hundreds of testimonials, case studies and awesome results from people all around the globe of different background, complete beginners in affiliate marketing,that have already earned, combined, more than $ 100.000.000 ( pretty astronomical !) from Clickbank and other affiliate marketing networks. Students make on average $1000/ day and the most successful ones like Keegan $30.000/day ( The vendors previous courses ‘’Healthy Commissions’’ ‘’Overnight Freedom’’ that use Facebook ads as traffic source, pulled for affiliates in around $60.000.000/each in total ,which is much less and proves that this system is more effective.omplete, step by step, a to z, premium youtube ads course . Go from zero to hero, beginner to advanced in youtube ads in a very short period of time, taught by the most successful marketers that consistently make $50.000 or more/ day.

Chris Reeder are most likely to are going to share their golden nuggets secrets as well.



*Please note:  As for now ( beginning of September 2022) we do not know exactly who the tutors will be and exactly the content of the training.The estimation is based on the previous edition) This is an estimation since the new  version which is  not open to the public yet. Stay tuned and revisit this page in a few months .We will be updating and give you more insight and specific information about the new training modules and content.

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Untitled design 10
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Gerry Cramer

Rob Jones

Mark Ling

Keegan Mueller

How the Profit Singularity Method for Making Money With Affiliate Marketing Works- What is the Process:

Summarizing in order for you to have an  overview, the process is the following:

1.You sign up to an affiliate marketing marketplace – platform ( such as Clickbank and Digitstore24 which anyone can be accepted, ever as a complete beginner, there is no approval process or restriction),  or any of the numerous affiliate networks that you can also find on www.offervault.com

  1. You choose an offer preferably that has VSL, video sales letter in any niche. The program focuses on health,beauty and wellness, but it can be an offer of any genre.
  2. You make a killer ad copy using the training that specializes in VSL copy together with the software that generates ad copies fast. No need to be a professional copywriter.
  3. You Create a video ad using their unique, exclusive software ( similar to Invideo – you save around $29/ month, which is a big advantage) . The video editor converts any text into video with video footages, images and voice over built in ( there are various accents for the English language) if you do not choose to use your recording.
  4. You build a landing page ( it is mandatory, never do direct linking to avoid account suspension) using the proven to convert templates that the vendors provide with together with a page builder.
  5. Create your youtube channel, google ads account, connect your channel. Create your ad using the instructions that will save a lot of money and time because the tutor has spent 100’s of thousand of dollars and spent months to find after meticulously testing and collecting data to give you all the secrets on a silver platter.
  6. Review the ads results, conversion rates , video watch time, click through rates, data and statistics and evaluate which parameters factors ( ad copy, video, targeting , landing page) need improvement so that you can keep the ones that offers the best results
  7. Scale to the moon and generate amounts of money beyond any stretch of the imagination

The 4 main methods of monetization are:


1. Earning high CPA commissions on digital and physical products

2. Earning recurring commissions from monthly recurring products

3. Earning high percentage commissions on low-ticket digital products

4. Earning high commissions from high ticket offers

Untitled 600 × 600

5 Reasons This Course Is Different

1. Untapped, “blue-ocean” traffic source that’s even bigger than Facebook. Until now, no one has ever revealed how to have massive success with affiliate marketing through YouTube.

2. Cutting-edge, artificial intelligence software that drastically reduces the time required to achieve success and means students will never be on video or even use their own voice.

3. Very reliable source of profit – Forget ad account shutdowns. Look forward to consistent income like never before.

4. Unlimited scale – When students get their winning funnel, there is no limit to how much they can scale in just a single account… $5k, $10k, $30k, $60k… the sky’s the limit. Our group of affiliates already using this method are hauling in massive profits.
5. Proven, repeatable system with winning templates to start having success from Day 1: videos, landing pages, offers, ad scripts, everything.

Benefits of Using Youtube Ads

profit singularity ultra review and bonuses
profit singularity ultra review and bonuses
profit singularity ultra edition 2022 review and bonuses
profit singularity ultra edition review - bonuses

Benefits of Profit Singularity Training, Method and AI Tools

A few of the great benefits of Profit Singularity Ultra Edition are listed below:

Profit Singularity Ultra Edition Testimonials, Case Studies, Results by the Members and Beta Testers:

Here are a few examples of Profit Singularity  Astonishing Results :

Profit Singularity  Ultra Edition Testimonial :  Keegan makes 30k Per Day Super Affiliate Reveals His 7 Steps To Writing Ads That SELL


Profit Singularity  Ultra Edition Testimonial: Matt makes over 80k per WEEK as an Affiliate (Important Tips Shared)

Inspirational Dad Of 4 Making $1k/Day testimonial, case study and results following Profit Singularity Ultra 2022 Edition system & training:



Francisco’s Profit SIngularity Testimonial:

English Is Francisco’s 2nd Language… Yet He Makes Up To $15k Per Day With This Method…


32 Year Old Immigrant (English is his 5th Language) Is Making a Fortune With This Method…

Note: His best day, so far, is $31,806…

Sebastian’s Testimonial, case study and results following Profit Singularity Ultra 2022 Edition system & training:

From Being A Restaurant Business Owner To A Super Affiliate (His Best Week Is Over $120k)

Dena B testimonial, case study and results for Profit Singularity Ultra 2022 Edition:

Inspirational Case Study: Dena B.

Discover How Dena Makes A Full-Time Living As An Affiliate…

(Her Best Day Recently Was $1,555)

Ryan’s testimonial, case study and results following Profit Singularity Ultra 2022 Edition system & training:

The Power Of Persistence: Discover How Ryan Is Making Over $1k Per DAY With This NEW Affiliate Method…

Who is Profit Singularity Ultra Edition for:

Profit Singularity Ultra Edition

Who is Profit Singularity Ultra Edition Not For:

1639212566 graphics 2

What to Expect When You Join Profit Singularity Ultra Edition– Features of The Program - Vendors’ Bonuses

In a nutshell here is what you are being provided with:

benefits of profit singularity

They are going to teach you in the training how to find the best products that sell the best, the ones that will make you the most amount of money that you can scale up .On top of that they are going to share with you the products they are promoting and you shortcut your way to success.This is one of the biggest leverage points.

3 free websites for running your ads so that you don’t have to worry about web hosting or technical stuff or anything like that. It’s point and click, super easy to use. That’s more than you’ll need to handle the traffic to get results that.any of the beta testers you’ve seen so far have gotten. You’re more than covered for your website needs so a decent website that can handle the type of traffic that we can send is easily 50 bucks a month right so that’s 150 bucks multiply that by 12 that’s $1800 saving for you right off the bat

It’s an 8 week program. You’ll begin to running your ads, your first ads after two weeks, and it’s going to include live Q&A sessions once you get your ads rolling ,once you get the foundations in place so that you could get help directly from Keegan, Chris, Gary and Rob. Their goal is to get you running ads and making your first money by the end of 30 days and get you to become a complete master at this method achieving huge breakthroughs by the end . They are going to teach you how to generate massively profitable video ads, how to create the perfect high converting splash pages and find the offers to promote that will be the easiest ones to make money with. The first two weeks of the training, we’re going to show you the fundamentals and then you’ll be running your ads by week.Three, and the couching team’s goal for you is to make your first sales within your first month following along with us. The second month will be all advanced stuff to help you grow and scale and really dial in your profits. Now this training is dead simple to follow along. You do not need to be technical, you do not need to be creative, you don’t need any special skills. The tools that we use.to generate videos are so simple to use a child could do it in fact if you’re worried if you can do this you can just have your kids log in your account and follow along and then they could create the videos for you it’s that simple

In the master class, you are going to be shown how to create the perfect splash pages that will help turn your traffic into profits. You will be provided with 8 proven templates that you can import into your websites with a click of a button using the free websites. So these are wining, heavily tested, templates that have generated hHundreds of thousands of dollars and in some cases millions of dollars. These are exactly what work and you can use them at a touch of a button

They are going to breakdown exactly why they work for you to easily model and maximize your profits

profit singularity ultra

Keegan is going to dig into everything from start to finish what it took the videos the splash pages, the offer and what it took to run traffic and scale it up

Profit Singularity Training Video Modules-Course Schedule

Here is there course schedule, and what you can expect once you purchase Profit Singularity Ultra Edition: *(This is a preview since the new version is going live on 23/09/2022. This page will be updated with more concrete informatio nonce the program goes live)

8 weeks of live instruction are included with the profit singularity ultra tradition. Eight modules—one for each week—cover this master class training, together with weekly homework assignments, extra video instructions, and action plans.

Welcome dashboard. Students are asked to sign in a non disclosure agreement at the beginning.

Module #1: The first Module of the Profit Singularity Ultra Edition is all about success preparation. Students are urged to clarify their why, set goals, and cultivate a winning mindset. Additionally, they are given assignments to help them maximize the outcomes.


Module #2: This module deals with making a product selection and setting up a website. Students will discover maker products, set up own domains, and develop landing pages. In order to maximize student performance, they are also given done-for-you templates and other materials. There will be a new affiliate network unveiled.

Module #3: The third module provides an overview of successful students’ $1,000,000 YouTube advertisements. In the breakdown video series, new students can learn about profitable moneymaker items, landing pages, and YouTube video advertisements. Mentors are also given a plan of action to follow in order to produce their own fruitful YouTube advertisements. Matters will demonstrate how to use their original YouTube advertisements technique to run ads that may earn you $15,000 to $50,000 per day without taking any risks.

Module #4: The topic of successfully releasing your adverts is the focus of module 4 of this masterclass. Ad targeting, campaign setup, and target CPA are all topics covered in class. Action plans are provided in order to maximize student performance. This lesson teaches students how to use click tracking software to automatically report conversion results and troubleshoot any problems they might run across. A weekly action plan will also be given to them.

Module #5: Students learn how to scale their advertisements to the moon in module 5. Actionable items will also be given to them. For those who want to monetize their adverts, this module is crucial. Students will learn how to grow their ads more quickly and optimize their campaigns for maximum outcomes and revenues. You will have access to all of their successful films from top students, allowing you to copy and use their top-performing marketing strategies.

Module #6: Mentors discuss advanced tools and approaches in module 6 of this course. Students can learn, for instance, how to create complex videos, use AI as a spokesperson, maximize ROI, optimize videos for mobile traffic, etc. Additionally, they receive a surprise bonus. For individuals who want to advance their advertisements, this module is crucial.

Module #7: Students can anticipate taking part in live hot seats, their own funnel reviews, and those of other students in the seventh module. It’s a fantastic chance to hear opinions on their development and get knowledge from other people’s achievements. Students will also receive an action plan for week six to make sure they are prepared to get the best results.

Module #8: The case study from module 8 describes how a student made $300,000 in just 14 days. For individuals who wish to learn from a true success story, this module is fantastic. Students would also have seven-minute assignments.

Profit Singularity Ultra Edition Pros

Profit Singularity Ultra Edition Method Cons

Profit Singularity Ultra Edition Cons

Profit Singularity Ultra Edition Pricing and Cost:

Profit Singularity Ultra Edition costs $2450, one time payment with 30 money back quarantee. You can pay with 3 split payments of $997

Profit Singularity Ultra Edition Refund Policy – Money Back Quarantee

It is risk free to jump in and give a try to the program since it has a 30 day money back quarantee.

Untitled design 16

Profit Singularity Frequently Asked Questions

Newbie Friendly Method
Newbie Friendly Method 98%
Training Quality
Training Quality 98%
Make Money Online Fast
Make Money Online Fast 100%
Value For Money
Value For Money 95%
Scaling Up
Scaling Up Potential 100%

My Exclusive $997- High Quality Bonuses:


Please contact me on Instagram, or FB After Purchase making Sure Before You Buy That You Have Cleared Your Browser’s Cookies

Profit Singularity Bonus Package Will Be Removed in:


The Perfect Bonus That Goes Hand In Hand With The Training. Spy on Youtube + Google Search Ads of Your Competitors for any Niche-Offer .Easily Check Which Offers.Targeting Videos Convert , That You Couldn’t Have Guessed. Estimate Their Revenue-Profit.Youtube Retargeting Course. Build a Retargeting  List  To Advertise on Penny Clicks.Advanced List Building. Build a Solid Business for Passive Income, Never Lose Traffic Again. See more features of Tubematic


Rank Master is a High Ticket Course by a Super Affiliate who is crushing it with free traffic from Youtube. He always Ranks His Videos On The Top 3 Positions for Low-Medium Competition Keywords. Monetise Your Youtube Channel in 1 Month!White Hat, Safe, Methods. Not t Be Shared!



BONUS 3 removebg preview

Best Copywriting Course! Learn How To Write Killer Headlines, Ad Copy for VSL’S, Social Media Posting, Email Marketing, Sales Pages, Landing Pages and More.Shyrocket your Conversions -Lead Generation

BONUS 4 removebg preview

Although Youtube Ads are More Affiliate Friendly and the Ads Rules and Not That Strict, Youtube and Google Cares About Delivering The Best Experiecne and Servise to the Visitors. There are still Lot of Accounts Getting Suspended & Campaigns Rejected. Learn Everything About how to Protect your Account, so that you Avoid Frustruation and Keep Your Business Running for the Long Term


Quiztarget is a Premium Quiz,Polls,Surveys Funnle Builder that Will Help You Skyrocket  Your Leads Generation Ratio, Conversions- Sales. You can use it for FB Ads as well. Qualify Your Leads, Create Engagement. All Super Affiliates Use Quiz Funnels. Perfect Marketing Tool in your Arsenal. You get full Commercial License and Unlimited Usage! Learn more about Quiztarget

BONUS removebg preview

Drastically Increase your Chances to get Accepted in Any CPA Marketing Network. Unlimited Offers Available For You  To Choose & Promote. Which are the most beginner friendly network with high quality offer for health and beauty

BONUS7 removebg preview

To  Your Success ,

Giouli Giannakandropoulou



Join Profit Singularity Ultra Edition and Secure your $997 Value, Exclusive Bonuses

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