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Make Passive Income With Simple Desings For Coverpages on Amazon KDP

You can make money online and passive income by creating simple eye-catching, niche related, images as coverpage for Amazon blank pages.

This is a part of Kidle Publishing By Amazon and print on demand books. It is Free To Get Started & it is Fun and can be Lucrative.   Amazon created these blank book pages and ships them directly to the customers who order online.


I am sure you have heard of Amazon Kidle Publishiing where authors can upload and sell their books in pdf format through Amazon. Did you know that you can also design covrpages for blank page books as well and earn money? You can make around $0.5-1 / Blank Book that is being sold and make passive income with simple desings for coverpages on Amazon KDP This is a nice side hustle, perfect for underaged people and people who do not want to spend much time and like creating desings & photo editing.This could be the easiest way to make money online. In this video I reveal how people are making money by selling blank books online using Amazon KDP.

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