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This is my Full Spectra Review With Custom, Exclusive Bonuses- Learn How To Create and Scale Up your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns with this Unique, All in 1 Native Advertising Training, Native Advertising Spy Tool & Native Advertising Tracking Tool

Spectra is a unique native advertising training spy tool and tracking tool that will help you find ads, campaigns, any offer from all niches  and advertising networks that are tested by other affiliates and proven to be profitable. This will save a ton of money, guyssing, frustrations and time testing different copy, offers, creatives, widgets, ad networks . The beta testers and the vendor have made a huge ROI , there are case studies that from $5 they generated $98 in return.



What Is Spectra - Native Advertising Training, Spy Tool & Tracking Tool

Spectra is the native ads, spy tool and premium training, teaching you how to generate commissions through native ads and through the use of our software.

 So basically what we’re doing is once inside soft Spectra you’ll be able to come and search in different ad networks or different affiliate networks on products that you like to promote.

 So for example if we’re looking for products on Clickbank then we can come here and see what’s being promoted right now on what network that you can take advantage of Now, basically what does this mean?

 This means that you’ll be able to find an offer that’s actually working right now.

 You’ll be able to check out the landing page the vendor is giving you templates inside the training so you don’t even need to do any building but just adding your links or changing a couple of titles.

 The training is showing you on how to set up, build and create ads on the specific networks.

 Inside the software you will be able to create unique images that other affiliates -marketers are not using.

 You are given the opprtunity to look outside of Clickbank or other marketplaces that you probably didn’t know existed.

Inside your Spectra account you have  the ability to go out and find specific offers in specific keywords or categories that you’re looking for in so many networks that you it’s unreal how many they are available and for whatever category you’re looking for and for whatever country, right from inside your dashboard.

 You’ll be be able to go out and find, for example, the offer and then you’ll be able to run the offer because it will take you over to max bounty to sign up to create your account or to any of the other options that we have for you.

 Not just Maxbounty, but so the saved ads is also a place where you’re gonna be saving the ads that you’re researching so you can go out and start creating ads on content.

 You have everything in the file, ready to go for you to search for even more stuff.

There is also a  tracking tool that’s built inside Spectra. This is the first upsell-upgrade.

 The Spectra tracking tool is so powerful that allows you to pinpoint exactly where you’re making sales from, which widgets from which sites that you’re running your ads to.

 So you can start eliminating inside your campaigns through the widget targeting.

 For example in a specific campaign, you will know that if you have a sale, which specific ad copy, ad copy, headline and  widget ID work best.


 This eliminates the widgets that are running right now with your offers allowing you to block and choose the ones that are working for me right now, keep the winning campaign and scale.

 The sales are telling you where the sale is coming from, what the ad I. D. Is.

 There is also a  split testing tool, which is an other upsell  where on here you can add a second page if you wanted to split test two pages.

 And then from here you’ll be able to check out the actual split testing results.

 So if you’re running a campaign, then you’ll know that this specific page converted etc. By having this information, you’ll be able to go out and scale with your campaigns on Clickbank the different sales that you get that let you know where you’re getting your sales from because of our tracking.

What is Native Advertising & Why You Should Be Running Affiliate Marketing Campaigns Using Native Ads

Native advertising is a form of paid advertising in which the ads match the look, feel and function of the media format where they appear. They fit “natively” and seamlessly on the web page. These display type of  ads seem like articles and editorials but they are called advertorials ( advertising + editorial), they look like an informative post that blend with the content of the website and they do not seem at first glance like ads.

The reason they work is because it appears to have a lot of authority and trust when you read a “news style” type of article. People have a tendency to believe everything they read online is 100% true.

Obviously this isn’t the case for every single demographic, and users are getting smarter but this strategy still gets astonishing results.

It takes skill to write a good story while at the same time selling a product.

Use a more personal, emotional-driven “story” that convinces readers to buy or try the product or service.

The very best advertorials are ones that readers mistake for actual articles until they hit the “call-to-action” at the end or discover the small disclaimer saying that the article is actually an advertisement.


The benefits for marketers that run native ads is that the advertising rules  and policies are a lot less strict compared to other platform like Google and Facebook and you do not run the risk of accounts suspension and rejected ads. You can run ads of any niche like crypto , gambling , sweepstakes, dating, make money online that are not allowed on Fb+ Google and promote health products-supplements without any problem, just make sure to be compliant to the FTC’ rules.

The only disadvantage I that the traffic is not targeted and this is why a tracking tool is mandatory. 

How Will Spectra Help You In Your Native Advertising & Why it is Essential For Success

All super affiliates that generate the largest abount of profit 8 figure marketers use native ads and push ads. Native ads can be displayed in all websites and blogs. There are news site major, hugh traffic websites that have millions of views per month . If you are not using an ads block on your browser doing a simple research you will see   that they are everywhere. Therefore these ads can be seen by hundreds , or thousands of visitors in a very short time , usually minutes. This is a method for winning campaigns to be scaled up and marketers and affiliates can earn a lot of money quickly.


Full SPECTRA Review of the FE and SPY TOOL DEMO

spectra logo

SPECTRA Review - Walkthrough of the FE - Training Modules & Native Ads Spy Tool

Beginner Friendly | Battle-Tested Evergreen Software | Recurring Income Get Spectra Now & Save 91%Get Spectra Ay The Lowest Price Ever & Secure Your Bonuses

Results After Running Native Ads & Optimize Them Using The Spectra Native Ads Spy Tool & Tracker

spectra earning with native ads
spectra earning with native ads
spectra earning with native ads
spectra native ads tracking tool built in
spectra earning with native ads


  • Affiliate marketers that want to start make a lot of money fast by tapping into a huge audience and want to make money fast and scale up quickly . 
Who is Spectra Not For:
  • Affiliates who are not willing to invest at east 200 dollars to get started, or they want free, organic traffic to their pages.


Who are Spectra's - Vendor , Couch & Software Developer

The vendor and couchof Spectra is Dimitris Papadopoulos  ( very successful and well renowned marketers and vendor oh high quality, evergreen products such as: 

TrafficZion, Cpabootcamp,Cpafreebooter, BingBangProfits, Tubematic, NFT’S Cracked, Pinbank  and more) 

The software developer is Alex Crulik with whom he had cooperated for the previous softwares as well.

spectra dimitris papadopoulos

What are the benefits of Spectra Native Ads Training, Spy and Tracking Tool, How it Will Help You In Your Native Advertising & Why it is Essential For Success

What are the Spectra Features

Spectra Review of the FE, Training Walkthrough & Spytool Demo

Spectra Training Area- Walkthrough

spectra review

Spectra  Video #1: Welcome To Spectra (14 Video Training Modules)

Spectra Orientation : This is a software overview and how to use it to find offers searched by ad network and or affiliate network and about the tracking tool. You can search for affiliate offers from a very big list of affiliate networks . This will save you time on finding offers for the same niche – vertical because you may want to promote another similar product that it is better and it is not tracked using the spy tool. I will show you everything later when I will be going through the software.


Proof of Results:Dimitris is showing a $1000 commissions from one offer on Clickbank about teeth health.

What are native ads exactly:  We talked about it earlier. An advantage of the spy tool is that when you find doing manual research a domain a website that is running an ad you can copy the url and see what other offers and where they advertise on. This is also powerful.

Affiliate Platforms: Clickbank and Maxbounty are 2 of the recommended platforms. Clickbank allows everyone to promote the products inside the marketplace but Maxbounty you need to make an application and the affiliate manager will contact you by phone. You need to be specific on what kind of offers you are planning to promote and exactly how. Always be honest about your experience , in the input you can tell about your past experience, and say no that it is not an incentive traffic. A lot of afffilaite networks have strict rules. You are not going to be accepted to all of them if you are starting out but there is a high chance that will be accepted to half of them.

By expanding to other networks you will be having the opportunity  to promote a lot more products, high ticket as well , and for categories that do not exist on Clickbank.( dating, bizopp, crypto, gambling, gaming, internet and pc security, lead generation offers, pay per call etc  

How to make money with Spectra and native: Other ways to make money on top of affiliate marketing. One way is lead generation and building a list. The spy tool finds ecommerce ads from Amazon associates and you could make listicles  (eg the top 11 electric bikes ) redirecting visitors to Amazon products.  There is a lesson about how to set up Google Adsense so that you can monetize your website.

Native ad platforms that we will be using: There are a lot and huge native ad networks. Some of them like Outbrain , Taboola and Engageya have strict rules you need to have a registered company. The vendor recommends Mgid and Revcontent. You can try more of course for example Evadav, Adnow, content.ad etc There is a list of 36 recommended networks in the pdf which is very helpful.

How to find offers to promote: In this video the couch is recommending categories for native ads and what type of offers to avoid and why. You need offers targeting a broad audience and that solve solutions that any family or individual is facing. Dimitris is giving you a list with the exact recommended products for native ads.

Landing pages and DFY Templates: The are 2 DFY  landing pages – advertorial  that you can edit of the health niche. Another very important part that it is covered is the opton to use Amazon web services and their free hosting to host static pages inside your website. This pages will load very fast which is important for decreasing the bounce rate of the visitors and you won’t be losing traffic especially on mobile. There are instructions on how to buy a domain and link it to his recommended page builder.

Creating you first direct linking native ads campaign:

Create a campaign with third party tracking: How to create your first campaign without tracking using Mgid by direct linking in case you want to test this method without a landing page and tracker.This lesson is very important and the information really valuable indispensable for your success if you are a beginner. Step by step on how to sign up to Mgid and create your campaign and recommended settings and how to find more similar images for free. In the next video are instructions on how to create a Revcontent account and campaign using 2 landing pages and using the tracking tool setting up all the sub ids and parameters of the ad.


Create a native ads campaign with a landing page on Mgid:  In this video Dimitris is  showing you how to create your first Native Ads Campaign using a Landing page to promote an offer and Track An Offer. A tracking tool is essential in order to see which ads , elements , operating systems, devices, websites, placements and ad networks wor so that you can eliminate what does not work. There are 2 odf documents with images and step by step instructions on how to create a campaign on Mgid and Revcontent.

spectra native ads spy tool and tracking tool
Profit Singularity Ultra Edition

Create a campaign with third party tracking: In this video the couch is showing you how to set up a third party tracking tool Voluum in case you want to use another tracker than Spectra with step by step instructions on how to do it correctly.

Create a native ads campaign with Maxbounty: Maxbounty is another recommended marketplace. It is one of the largest with large variety of offers, one and with good reputation and more beginner friendly.Dimitris is choosing a skincare offer and he finds the landing pages other affiliates are using inside Spectra and he goes on building 2  editorial type of pages with Groovepages that emulates this  landing page, he rips the page manually. He is showing you how to set up the tracking and the spit test tool using Spectra and Mgid.

How to scale with native ads: While he was doing the video training the vendor had a sale from Revecontent and it is the perfect opportunity to show the ad identity that converted with the widget id and how to spot in inside the ads network.Which  things you need to eliminate and which ones to keep for optimization and scale up. He explains what are the parameters to take into consideration when blacklisting websites, especially when a traffic sources gives  you clicks but no conversions and there is a  rules to filter widget id’s, Check KPIs and identify problems , Traffic Sites and Sources & Optimize Traffic checklist

 very helpful that clarifies everything you can use it as a rule of thumb so that you can make the right decision in time about which elements to eliminate in order not to waste too much money.


Spectra conclusion – The truth: What to Expect and What NOT to expect. You need to have some budget and invest money to collect data and  test to find the winners, it is not a get  rich scheme and the journey will be challenging .The aim of the training and software is to be a fast track -shortcut.Not all campaigns will be profitable. A successful campaign is made not found.

spectra native ads spy tool

Spectra  Module #2:  Tracking Tool Set Up. This is about how to set up conversion tracking and connect Clickbank to the tracking  tool for direct linking.


Spectra   Video # 3 : Setting up your pixels for your website/lander. This video is about how to track your landers so that your landers can communicate with Spectra and the affiliate network.


Spectra   Video # 4: You made a sale! Your next steps:

 How to scale your winning campaigns keeping the widgets that convert and how set your  bidding in order to get more traffic.

Spectra   Video # 5 : Setting Up Your (optin funnel pixel) for your own tracking

This is only for the people who want to track on their own thank you page in case they want to collect leads with an optin and thank you page, or they are selling a product in their website. There are 3 pdf with step by step instructions for Mgid, Revcontent & Optin page pixel tracking

Spectra Spy Tool Review & Demo

Beginner Friendly | Battle-Tested Evergreen Software | Recurring Income Get Spectra Now & Save 91%Get Spectra Ay The Lowest Price Ever & Secure Your Bonuses

Spectra Pricing, Funnel and OTO’s:

Spectra Front End – $27


Inside , you will be able to get access to training on  how to utilize our cloud based software, alongside the over the shoulder training, and free dfy Templates to plug and play in your own native ad campaigns you’ll be running.

You are given all the tools and exact blueprint to help you build your own affiliate business online, or monetize this traffic for your websites, ecom stores, or your affiliate sites. 

This will help any blogger, affiliate marketer, ecom store owner, get the right buyer traffic to their offers they are promoting or selling online.  

Inside the Main Training in Spectra you get a real campaign that the set up and saw results 24 hours later. 

Beta testers spent 50$ and generated over 200$ in commissions on Clickbank and kept on generating results throughout the training. 

You will be able to follow this campaign, and replicate everything we have inside.  It is also included a Research tool, to find unique images to use in your own campaigns.   Is offered the ability for users to expand their search in other offers, worldwide, and through other affiliate networks to help them save time and expand. 

spectra native ads spy tool and training

Spectra Tracking and Split Testing – (OTO 1) $37 


A much needed upgrade for your journey with Native Ads.  The tracking and Split testing tool will allow you to pinpoint which sources are bringing you sales, so you can focus on maximizing results based on the data you will be getting from their Tracking. You will also be able to split test, up to 6 offers, or landers.  

spectra tracking split testing- spectra oto1

Spectra Tracking (OTO 1DS) $27


The couch is  giving you  a chance to afford a free tracking tool, instead of paying monthly to other 3rd party tools, you’ll be using the tracking feature to save money and be able to scale your campaigns.   

spectra tracking - spectra oto1

Spectra DFY Landers + Ads (OTO 2) $67

In this package users will get the following delivered inside the main training area :

  • 40 DFY Clickbank Pages
  • DFY Ads with Winning Offers to Copy No Second Guessing what is converting. Use the ones that converted for us.
  • Swipes Rolodex From Competitors 
  • Top Sources To use in your Campaigns (top performing websites for each platform (Revcontent / MGID) 
spectra dfy landers & campaigns- spectra oto2

Spectra DFY Lite (OTO 2DS) $37

20 DFY Clickbank Pages

Including DFY Ads with Winning Offers.  

spectra tracking dfy lite- spectra oto2

Spectra OTO 3 -Advanced Training & Case Studies + Private Inner Circle $97

In this package you will learn more advanced training, to get higher ROI and Conversions .  Users will also get monthly case studies, delivered in the inner circle group.  Questions and Coaching available through the Private Inner Circle Group, which will be on going.  Revealing winning offers first.  

Also included are Blacklists and Whitelists to use in your campaigns, so you don’t spend more than what you have to when testing. I’m giving you blacklists to use for Health Offers and Weight Loss Offers.  

Only advanced users get these blacklists, by testing and spending money. Save your money let me get the info for you.  

10 DFY Websites In Specific Niches For Native Ads (including Content) this alone costs about $200 to create. 

Advanced Hacks that No one else is showing you , for Higher ROI, Higher CTR.  Native Ad Secrets Revealed.

spectra advanced training & inner circle- spectra oto3

Spectra Vendor's Bonuses

spectra vendor's bonuses

Bonus #1


spectra vendor's bonuses

Bonus #2

CPA Bootcamp – premium CPA Affiliate Marketing Course Covering Facebook Ads and Bing Ads Affiliate Marketing

spectra vendor's bonuses

Bonus #3

CPA FREEBOOTER ( Premium CPA Affiliate Marketing Course) 

How to make money with CPA affiliate offers & Google , Bing Ads

spectra vendor's bonuses

Bonus #4

Real Case Study Revealed inside –

Winning Widgets and Sources of Dimitris Real Life Case Study Inside

Newbie Friendly Method
Newbie Friendly Method 95%
Training Quality
Training Quality 100%
Make Money Online Fast
Make Money Online Fast 100%
Risk Involving Method
Risk Involving Method 80%
Low Budget Needed To Get Started
Low Budget Needed To Get Started 95%

Beginner Friendly | Battle-Tested Evergreen Software | Recurring Income Get Spectra Now & Save 91%Get Spectra Ay The Lowest Price Ever & Secure Your Bonuses

My Exclusive - High Quality Bonuses:


Please contact me on Instagram so that I can create a Quiztarget  account for you

Spectra Bonus 2
BONUS 3 removebg preview
Spectra Bonuses
BONUS 4 removebg preview
Spectra Bonuses
BONUS removebg preview
Spectra Bonuses
BONUS7 removebg preview
Spectra Bonuses
Spectra Bonuses
Spectra Bonus 10
Spectra Bonuses


Please contact me on Instagram so that I can create your account

spectra bonuses


Please contact my on Instagram so that I can create your account

spectra bonuses

Beginner Friendly | Battle-Tested Evergreen Software | Recurring Income Get Spectra Now & Save 91%Get Spectra Ay The Lowest Price Ever & Secure Your Bonuses


Instant Bonus Delivery

Your bonuses are automatically delivered to you. You’ll find them next to your purchased access in Warrior Plus.

Thank you for taking the time
to check out my Spectra Review & Bonuses.

To  Your Success ,

Giouli Giannakandropoulou



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