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Date: 2021-03-30 21:55:37

The End of Affiliate Marketing?… iOS 14 Update and Affiliate Marketing

Is iOS 14 the end of affiliate marketing? Are you going to be able to profit through Clickbank still? What else is on the horizon that needs your immediate attention to prepare for?

In this video i’m going to talk about something that’s on the mind of most affiliate marketers and most people making money online does iOS 14 spell the end of affiliate marketing.

Ios 14 is an operating system update for apple devices that will have much stronger privacy controls these privacy controls will actually ask users if they want to have their data tracked across the web and they are going to have to opt in rather than opt out.

So as an affiliate marketer do you need to worry ? in this video i’m gonna share my thoughts on who needs to be concerned and who doesn’t, and also what we all might need to worry about in the future. Watch this video the whole way through for the ios 14 scoop and at the end I’ll also share some iOS 14 proof affiliate marketing case studies that you can copy and start making money today .


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The End of Affiliate Marketing?… iOS 14 Update and Affiliate Marketing
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