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Date: 2021-03-23 16:26:15

Proof Affiliate Marketing is NOT Dying – But Most People Will Likely Fail

The “Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?” argument is getting boring I know but bare with me this time…I have some data and proof. Time stamps below:

The truth is most people will fail at affiliate marketing.

But let’s be clear: affiliate marketing is simply another name for “selling a product or service.”

You should return to school if you believe that selling goods or services online will soon become obsolete.

If someone claims that affiliate marketing is dead or that its heyday has passed, they must also claim that online marketing as a whole has peaked. It is not logical.

But for those of us who make past all of that “initial grind” there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

1:13 The two types of affiliate marketing – one VS the other

3:13: Rules and Regulations Getting Stronger

3:39 Competition vs Click Costs

4:11 Alternatives to Facebok

4:30 Affiliate networks going out of business

5:35 Paid Traffic is Risky

6:00 Why use a network?

6:20 Moat

7:10 Less discussions around AM

7:18 Data from Statistica showing billions in Affiliate spend

8:02 The Rise of Ecommerce

8:40 Should you start with a store or affiliate marketing? (my opinion)

9:47 How to get your own data.

10:50 Rules and Regs on Affiliates and Product Owners

11:33 Monkey See Monkey Do AKA Rip and Run

13:00 Alternatives to Affiliate marketing

13:28 Exit Value of Your Affiliate Campaigns

14:00 Should you start with Paid traffic?

14:37 What Type of Affiliate do you want to be?

15:18 Recap on Actual Affiliate Marketing Statistics.

Let’s be clear here though – affiliate marketing is just a different way of saying “selling a product or service”.

If you think selling products or services is going to die online anytime soon than you need to go back to school.

People who say affiliate marketing is dying or the glory days are over cannot say this without also saying that online marketing in general is over. It doesn’t make sense.

Here is the thing.

Product owners and affiliates all are competing for the same traffic.

The traffic sources are favoring product owners since they are a more direct line. No one likes a 3rd party – and that’s what affiliates are. (a 3rd party).

Product owners have a slight advantage since they have fuill ownership of the product and data, but this doesn’t mean the affiliate glory days in paid traffic are over.

What it means is affiliates have to start looking more like the direct business not a 3rd party. This is the new way to do affiliate marketing compliantly.

Affiliates also have an advantage where they don’t have to risk setting up a massive business empire and can focus on driving traffic and conversions. It’s a two way street.

Product owners benefit from the traffic sources because they are more direct. Affiliates are a type of third party that nobody loves. a third party.

Since they fully own the product and data, product owners have a tiny advantage, but this doesn’t mean the days of affiliates enjoying success with bought traffic are over.

It basically means that affiliates need to start acting more like the direct company rather than a third party. This is the new, legal way to conduct affiliate marketing.

Affiliates also have the advantage of being able to concentrate on increasing traffic and conversions without having to take the risk of building a vast business empire. It works both ways.

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Proof Affiliate Marketing is NOT Dying – But Most People Will Likely Fail

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