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Date: 2020-09-02 21:21:08

Google Ads Will Limit Data in Search Terms Report 

The 2nd of September 2020 saw a notification in Google Ads that “We are revising the search terms report to only include terms that a sizable amount of users searched for. As a result, you might see fewer phrases in future reports.” According to this notice, the search terms report will contain less information going forward. In a statement, Google Ads stated that privacy was the primary driver of the adjustment.

My Initial Thoughts:

– Google Ads shouldn’t limit any of the data that advertisers use to optimize their campaigns. 

– Less data = More wasted ad spend.

– Hurts advertisers in competitive industries that pay high costs for each click.

– If privacy is the main concern, then allow advertisers to export all search terms along with statistics.

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Google Ads Will Limit Data in Search Terms Report 


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