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Google AdSense Auto Ads 2021: Complete Overview For Beginners Part 1

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Google AdSense Auto Ads 2021: Complete Overview For Beginners Part 1

Date: 2021-03-02 01:11:47

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Learn everything you need to know about Google AdSense Auto Ads for WordPress. I show you how to set-up Google AdSense Auto Ads on your WordPress websites, best practices for implementation, tips for getting started, how to use Head, Footer, and Post Injections to place your code, and how to use Ad Inserter to place additional advertisements on your website.

Google AdSense Auto Ads Tips and Best Practices:

– 1 piece of code on your website.

– You choose ad formats through your Google AdSense account.

– Choose the # of ads/page through your GA account.

– You can enable/disable Google AdSense Auto Ads at any time.

– You can keep existing Google AdSense ads and turn on Auto Ads at the same time.

– Accelerated Mobile Pages: You can use Auto Ads for AMP.

– Google AdSense will not detect other advertisements on your pages.

– Set page exclusions through your Google AdSense account.

Helpful URLs:

Google AdSense Auto Ads Home:

Ad Inserter:

Head, Footer, and Post Injections:

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