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Google Trends Tutorial 2020 – How To Use Google Trends to Find Popular Searches and Topics

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Google Trends Tutorial 2020 – How To Use Google Trends to Find Popular Searches and Topics

Date: 2020-09-01 21:02:21

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Google Trends is a tool provided by Google that shows you trending searches, trending topics, search queries, trending news, search volume history, trending topics by geographic area, and more. It is great for Marketers who want to find what is currently popular, realtime trends, and daily trends. In addition, it can be used to find popular topics and search terms.

Google Trends:

Google Trends Help:

What is Google Trends?

A free website created and managed by Google that shows current trending topics and trending topics over time.

1. Find Trending Searches

– View trending searches
– View realtime searches
– View searches by category

2. View Topic and Search Term Trends

View topics and search terms interest over time, interest by location, related topics, and related search queries.

3. Compare Topics and Search Terms

Compare search volume and interest by location.

4. Find Rising Queries and Top Queries

View the top search queries related to a specific topic or search term.

5. View Trends Related to Top Stories

Break down a specific trending topic to find additional details.

6. View Trends by Year Back to 2001

Find trending topics and searches from previous years all the way back to 2001.

7. Set-up Google Trends Subscriptions

Receive weekly or monthly automated emails about trending topics, search terms, or topics.

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