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Date: 2020-09-20 00:50:08

How to Track Affiliate Campaigns for Maximum Profit – Everything You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about affiliate tracking and CPA Network Tracking.

In this webinar I explain everthing you NEED to know about affiliate tracking, conversion tracking, and more so that you increase your ROI.

Learn about the best 3rd party affiliate tracking software, network tracking, pixels, s2s postbacks, iframe pixels, how to post conversions to a CPA network, affiliate network tracking, how to track facebook events, and so much more.

If you want to know how affiliate tracking works then watch this.

I show how to track affiliate campaigns and track conversions using several tools available online.

Here are the time stamps:

3:30 Google Tag Manager

4:30 How to Install Google Tag Manager on a WordPress Site

7:00 Google Analytics

7:30 How to Install Google Analytics

9:50 How to Test Google Tag Manager

10:45 Google Analytics Data Overview

13:30 – CPA Affiliate Network Platforms

17:00 How Offer Tracking Works

18:00 What Are Network Subids?

19:30 3rd Party Affiliate Platforms

21:00 CPV Lab Pro Overview

23:00 CPV Lab Campaign Setup

27:40 How to Set Up Landing Page Affiliate Links

29:00 Tracking Links for Facebook

30:30 – How to Set Up Converision Tracking

31:00 – Server to Server Postbacks

33:00 CPA Network to Network Tracking

35:30 How to Track Conversions in Facebbok Ads.

36:30 How to Install the Facebook Pixel into Google Tag Manager

37:20 How to Track Landing Page Clicks into Facebook Ads.

40:35 How to Set Up Facebook Events

43:00 Summary




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