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Date: 2020-12-18 18:04:191300 Native Ad Clicks and Only 2 Conversions

1300 Native Ad Clicks and Only 2 Conversions

The Truth About Native Ads & CPA Marketing

In this sample native ads campaign for a CPA affiliate offer I describe some of the factors you need to consider when setting up new ads.

A lot of people come into native ads with the idea that they are going to get a ton of cheap traffic that converts but really its a game where you have to filter out a ton of crap before you find the “pockets” of gold.

Native advertising is like mining for Gold. Once you find a vein of high converting traffic you need to hit it hard – but to find those golden nuggets you need to test test test!

If you are looking for sample ads and ideas then check out this video.

Here is what I cover:
1:30 Sample Campaign
1:42 MGID Spend
2:20 Sample Diet ads – on Native Ads
2:55 Tiered Traffic and Quality of Native ads
3:25 Ad managers
3:40 MGID vs Revcontent and Taboola
3:55 Target placements
5:30 Choosing Ad platforms
5:48 Clicks and traffic discrepancies
6:35 Landing Pages
7:25 Adplexity & Discount 
8:00 Ads and Teaser Ids
8:25 Next Steps
9:35 Why Most People Fail
9:55 Final Tips for Native Ads.


1300 Native Ad Clicks and Only 2 Conversions – The Truth About Native Ads & CPA Marketing

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