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Date: 2020-06-26 21:58:50

Push Ads Case Study – How to Run Casino Ads on Rich Ads

If you have been wondering how to run casino ads and are tired of getting banned on major ad networks then push ads and native ads is where you need to focus!

2:11 Rich Ads & Free traffic offer
3:08 CPV lab direct link stats and why to not direct link
5:15 Tracking options cpv lab and bemob
6:59 Other push ads case studies inside Powerhouse affiliate
7:40 The actual START of the push case study SETUP
7:54 Landing Pages – where to get free training to set up https://bit.ly/34XJmrW
10:30 Offer setup in cpv lab
12:10 Sample landing page
12:34 The Offer
13:44 Sample ads
15:30 How to spy and find winning ads
17:00 Rich ads campaign settings
21:04 Day parting
21:40 Automation rules
22:30 Blacklists white;ists and exclusions
23:35 Final tips

Part 2 is already completed and will be launched in 24 hours from when this publishes and shows conversions and how I will optimize this casino campaign.

Win a free lifetime membership at Powerhouse Affiliate by commenting “push ads case study” – winners will be chosen July 1st!

Use these strategies to start setting up your own push ads campaigns running casino ads or any other niche! Many niches work with Push ads including dating, sweepstakes, casino, crypto and much more.




Push Ads Case Study – How to Run Casino Ads on Rich Ads
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