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Date: 2021-02-26 17:41:06

How to Optimize Search Ads & Turn a Profit – Search Ads Optimization Explained

Learn how to optimize search ads. If you are looking for search ads optimizations strategies then check this out!

In this video I go deep inside one of my Microsoft Search Ads campaigns and optimize it. See all the time stamps below as well as some free ad credits.

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2:30 – First Tip – How to Start – The Highest Level Data
3:25 – Second Tip – Make Sure There is Enough Search Data
3:50 – Making Sure You have the RIGHT Data – CPV Lab https://bit.ly/34XJmrW
4:04 – Why do I track conversions to Search Ads Networks?
4:26 – Updating Data from CPA Network to CPV Lab or 3rd party tracking
5:21 – The REAL Results from 3rd party tracker
5:51 – The First Thing I optimize
6:15 – Segment the Networks
6:58 Optimizing based on specific search partners
7:37 Blocking Sketchy Referring Domains
8:34 Device Data – What to look at
9:13 How to Pause Devices
9:46 Top Positions Vs Other Positions
10:43 Why or lower positions sometimes better?
11:52 Location Data
12:38 Which locations worked better?
13:12 When will I consider other factors like Time of day etc?
13:24 Keywords Analysis
14:30 How Many Keywords to Use?
15:15 Landing Page Data
16:07 Search Terms (Specific Search Keywords People Use)
17:00 Finding new keywords that convert and you need to bid on.
17:38 RECAP


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