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Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, NLP-Hypnosis

White Hat Facebook – How to Run CPA Offers on Facebook

CPA-Affiliate Marketing

White Hat Facebook – How to Run CPA Offers on Facebook

Date: 2019-12-27 20:06:19

Want to know how to make serious money while running CPA offers with white hat Facebook ads?

If you run a lot of traffic to CPA affiliate offers on Facebook you likely have been banned once or twice. Even if you are not running blackhat Facebook ads you can be banned.

Lately Facebook has been Banning accounts left and right. Inside this video I explain a simple strategy for running CPA affiliate offers with whitehat Facebook campaigns.

At one point I discuss using a more aggressive tripwire page but an even safer approachwould be to leave the aggressive landers for the email sequence.

It is a very effective strategy for affiliate marketers who want to run Facebook ads without losing their Facebook accounts with their new very strict rules. This can work in the diet niche, skin care, male enhancement muscle and many more offers that Facebook generally will ban you for.

This is the perfect campaign for people looking to get into a highly profitable niche.

Check out the case studies inside

In this video I also recommend Optimizepress 3.0 to build out the lead capture pages which are considered white hat Facebook pages. You can get a special discount here:

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