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What is CPA Marketing? CPA Marketing Explained For Beginners

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What is CPA Marketing? CPA Marketing Explained For Beginners

Date: 2020-10-12 21:34:28

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What is CPA Marketing? What is Cost Per Action? When it comes to CPA Marketing, Affiliates are paid a set amount every time customers take a specific action. Affiliates are tasked with referring new customers to other businesses.

What is the meaning of CPA marketing?

Cost Per Action Marketing means that affiliates, publishers, website owners, and content creators are paid a fixed amount for every action they drive to a business. For example, an affiliate may earn $50 every time someone signs up for a certain credit card. The affiliate drives a customer to the credit card and gets paid for every action they drive.

How do I start CPA marketing?

You need to create content about a specific topic so that you can drive traffic to your website or your social media content. You can use a website, a YouTube channel, your Facebook page, an Instagram page, and/or any other type of channel where an audience will find your content. Then, you need to promote products or services that are offered by a partner company. When you refer new customers, you will earn money.

How CPA Marketing Works:

1. Find offer to promote.
2. Create website and content to promote your offer.
3. Drive Traffic to your website and your content.
4. Drive clicks to affiliate offers.
5. You earn money when customers sign-up for your offer.

Top CPA Marketing Networks:

Important Note: CPA can also refer to Cost Per Acquisition.

– CPA Marketing refers to Cost Per Action, which is much different. CPA Marketing is a type of Affiliate Marketing.

– Cost Per Acquisition is how much you pay for every lead/sale.

Example #1:
I write reviews about web hosting companies. I drive 100 new sign-ups to Bluehost and they send me $6,500.
What is the CPA Rate?

Example #2:
I promote a Life Insurance company with the following rates:
– Clicks = $0
– Application Requests = $2
– New Sign Ups = $100
– Yearly Renewals = $50

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