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powerhouse affiliate


Powerhouse Affiliate is a membership site in which you can find step by step strategies and methods  to :

-Build and Authority website-blog that you can monetize and sell for  huge profits- creating an online real estate asset.Learn how to find a  profitable niche, create content, generate leads, monetize your traffic, rank on google ,seo optimization and get hordes of visitors using paid traffic...

-Create a successful affiliate marketing business following proven formulas and specific tactics and methods such as ( affiliate marketing certification course, paid advertising using Bing Ads, Google Awords, Native and Push Notifications, Email List Building, How To Create High Converting Landing Pages etc)

-Create a lucrative CPA marketing business promoting different products of various niches (cpa marketing certification course, native ads campaigns building, tracking optimization, done for you banners and high CTR landing pages for hot niche offers using  vsl sales pages)

The founder Joey Babineau is a successful full time affiliate marketer, who did not become millionaire by   his courses, but by implementing what he teaches.

Watch this video walk through inside the members area (recorded  in mid of April 2020, new content is being added regularly)


The value that you get from all the training-courses and certifications, the marketing materials,landing pages , businesses in a box, together with the support by the founder Joey Babineau and the forum is perhaps  superior to the  most high ticket courses that you buy for $997, or more for one time payment!You get all the instructions that you need and guidance- one  on one coaching for the price of 2 pizzas per month. therefore,it is a cost effective and smart choice.It will save you a ton f money and months of trying different methods that the fake gurus are trying to sell you , and that they do not implement themselves. Stop the vicious circle of the shiny objects syndrome, and stop being a  victim of every new, B.S over-hyped, scam  course and ''get  rich'' schemes that will never work! 


1.Affiliate and CPA Marketing certification courses
2. Free Marketing tools : CPA Marketing landing pages, graphics, minisites, banners, business in a box, (private label rights digital courses) so that you can build your lists and/ or sell done for you hq digital products
3. Webinars on which you can watch how to create, track and optimize your ads
4. PPC and Free traffic tutorials. Learn how to advertise on Google Adwords, Bing ads and various advertising networks for native and push notifications such as : propeller ads, rich push, mgid,taboola and more...
5.Case studies and winning campaigns exposed that you can replicate . Watch under the shoulder full case studies and how initially losing campaigns have turned into profitable ones. The best way to learn.Saves you money for testing and time!

6.You can join the  CPA advertising network ''Vault Media''and promote top and high quality offers.(Thousands of choices and of various niches.)

7.You can become an affiliate of the  program with done for you banners, presell pages and affiliate links

8.Facebook group in which the members  interact and exchange experience,ideas and suggestions.

9.Forum .Contact other affiliates and the founder himself who is answering all of your questions within a few hours. The support is incomparable. All super affiliates join forums so that they can learn what actually works from successful marketers who are not making money selling courses of things that do not implement and utterly know!


Did you know that most affiliate networks make the majority of their revenue from a very small percentage of elite affiliate marketers?


These marketers are the ones you often see getting "wined and dined" at every social event.


They are paid MAXIMUM payout on every single offer they run.


They make a very nice living from the internet.

They are the same affiliates that don't need overly pushy affiliate managers who work on a commission to give them offer ideas.

The most elite online marketers are always one step ahead of everyone else.


Let's call them the 1%'ers who actually do CRUSH IT online daily with 4 to 6 figure daily campaigns.


These affiliates have something that most people don't.




Well first they have the ability to be a "first mover".


This means they have the ability to use their own creativity and bring a product or service to the market before everyone else, which gives them an insurmountable advantage.


They have failed so many times in the past that they can put all of those failures to work every single time they build a new campaign.


They don't have to always rely on spying, and ripping campaigns because they have the ability to create original angles, fresh landing pages to test, and amazing ads.


But Here is the Most Important Thing a 1%'er Has...


All of the top online affiliate marketers have a circle.


A circle of trust.


This is where they share ideas with others, strategies, what is currently working, and what is truly about to EXPLODE!


If you aren't in a circle you have to rely on the "pushy affiliate manager" who is paid by commissions to tell you what's hot.


That guy who gets paid to push every offer on the network no matter what.


How can you get into a real circle of trust so you know what's REALLY going on?


You join an online community of like minded affiliate marketers.


There is no other way right now especially with the lock down.


You need to engage and start discussing and sharing insights with other marketers!


This is precisely why we built the Powerhouse Affiliate Forum in the first place. 


There is no better way interact with other marketers no matter what your experience level is.


There is no copy-writing course added yet. Copy-writing is one of the most important skill you need to develop if you want to become a very successful marketer. There  ins't any at the moment but I will make a request so that it will be added.

There are two options-packages: The Free Starter where you can get access to the affiliate marketing certification course. The Premium Membership  with  full access to all features.

My Experience:

It saved me a lot of money from not buying useless,  low quality trainings and from not knowing how  to properly test and optimize my campaigns.It also saved my fb and google ads accounts for not being suspended because of  breaking their rules and advertising policies.

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