Monster Mode 700k System


Attention: This system is as close as it gets to the meaning of passive income and living the internet lifestyle and a great opportunity for all levels of marketers to make serious money online!

Monstermode 700 k gives you the opportunity  to generate 100% commissions throughout the full funnel  for 5 different premium viral leads and commissions gen digital products ( the FE of each one costs $ 20 and together with all the OTO’s about $954/ product! This the amount of money you could earn per visitor/product).Normally all affiliates are paid with 50% commissions. 100% commissions earning means that you actually treat these products as if you were the  owner-creator, but without having to spend thousands of dollars in developing them!


When you join Monstermode you have the option to buy 5 different products:

By buying  a cash plugin-tier , not only will you acquire a premium quality software and training, but you unlock the 100% commissions for the whole funnel of each one. Which means every new member that signs up after you and buys the same product you did, you earn the commissions for up to $957/ cash plugin. In the meantime you grow your email listfromthe new members that are introduced by you!

These are hot selling 700k revenue digital deep funnels.

 You have the option to maintain your free membership. You still can grow your list  If you choose not to buy any of the 5 cash plugins. Imagine  your referral base stuffing with emails each and every day of people that you do not know how they even found your affiliate link!This is  free, viral lead building on steroids. If you do not unlock the income steaming, you cannot get the commissions from the persons who join the system and want to purchase.

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Don’t mistake this system for a slouch just because it’s 100% free…It’s an absolute beast.Ingeniously simple but a ferocious income punch.It can stuff an inbox with an extra $ 500 a day in commissions so fast, it’ll make your head spin! Check out what it’s doing for me, every day like clockwork.As you can see, I’m actually clearing way over $500 a day on average, with commission notifications flooding my inbox, and commission payments of up to $954 a pop, stuffing my account 24/7.

And the best part is I’m making all this cash without lifting a finger, for two key reasons : No1: All the work is already done, No 2 : Other people send me my sales and commissions on complete cruise control. Now if you would like to begin stuffing your inbox at record speed right along with me then… congratulations on being invited here getting started with a system as a snap.

Step 1: Instantly activate one or more of the five six-figure offers pre -built into the system starting on the next page, it only takes a few clicks.

Step 2. Copy and paste in your instant auto approved 100% Commission money links, only takes 90 seconds, and then

Step 3: Collect direct and autopilot commissions of up to $954 a pop on the five six-figure offers built -in to the five tier viral system. Now are you willing to try something brand new and different something so ridiculously simple it doesn’t require a drop of experience and something that can begin depositing extra plump commissions of $97 to $900 plus in your pocket as quickly as twenty minutes from now!

If so, then this is for you. One big reason you’re most likely barely scraping by online if you’re like most people is because you’re just a quotable lowly affiliate of other people’s stuff.  I’ve been creating my own online software products for almost 18 years now and I still remember making my very first $47 autopilot commission on my first software product. I was actually at the movie theater watching a movie when the sale came in and it was exhilarating. But the problem, I’m sure you’ve realized, is that creating a high converting software product can take months to complete and having the software coded generally costs thousands of dollars ….

But not to worry, the system that I’m about to officially unveil vaporizes this problem for you instantly .Here’s how:  We’ve taken our top 5 best-selling six-figure software offers set them each to payout 100% commissions direct to you, and integrated them into the system and these are just products they’re deep funnels, each with a featured product followed by three to five built-in upgrades, and you get 100% commissions on each entire funnel paid straight into your account . Now these five offers have generated well over $700,000 for me already and with money continually rolling in to no end. Listen, the last time I saw a top online marketer offering 100 % commissions on his best-selling six-figure offers the franchise fee, as he called it, was $2,000! Just left let that sink in. The value of what you’re getting here is mind-numbing and maybe even a little bonkers.

Here’s a preview of the five six-figure built in offers you can start collecting 100% Commission paydays on starting just moments from now, with your copy of this exact web funnel meeting the website you’re on right now.

Cash plug in #1:Product called CB money vine : You collect 100% commissions on that and bank up to nine hundred fifty-four dollars a sale.

Cash plug in #2: 100% commissions on a product called 5 Figured Full Throttle in you you’ll collect 954 dollars per sale and that one as well. Cache plug-in # 3 : A very popular product called Siphon Reloaded. Again 100% Commissions and you’ll make up to $554  per sale on this one!

Cash  plug-in #4: A product called IG Money Tree: 100 % commissions and you’ll collect up to $360 per sale!

And then cash plugin #5: Shop Monopoly.

 Again 100% commissions and you collect up to $360/ sale! What an absolutely insane star set at six-figure offer lineup. But hold my beer because I’m just getting started… As if what I’ve already revealed isn’t enough, to get you buzzed with excitement, it’s only the beginning. The second big reason why you’ve likely been disillusioned by your results online is because you can get traffic, and here again my system absolutely obliterates the traffic problem for you once and for all in a uniquely dynamic way. A way that consistently brings me over 1,000 visitors a day and can easily do the same for you on cruise control.  This was no easy feat it was a monstrous undertaking to devise a system that sends literal autopilot sales of anywhere from 97 ,197 you know on up to $900 more a pop, all while you’re off munching unstacked snacks while watching Tiger King ! It’s something I’ve never done in any prior software or system despite being widely known as a viral traffic guru. And something you’ve absolutely never seen before …Introducing Monster Mode 700k . The monster mode 700k system is a groundbreaking funnel based system that quickly turns out daily 100% commissions of up to $954 a pop, and does it with traffic delivered on autopilot across multiple viral tiers, built into your personal monster mode web funnel which looks exactly like the website you are on right now. This is not MLM where commissions are paid on referral fees.

 It’s far more clever than that.Here is the million dollar secret that makes Monster Mode tick .Each of five offers built into your done for you monster mold web funnel is set up on a viral tier of its own, meaning you’ll get paid across five tiers, which is exponentially more powerful than direct response.

Your Monster Mode funnel requires your visitors to buy the offers that they want to get paid on. So  for example, if your visitor Bob wants to get paid 100% commissions on tier one of up to $954 a pop on monster modes first built-in offer an offer called CB money bun then he’ll simply purchase CB money button to instantly activate his own monster mode funnel for those commissions and you will get paid 100% commission of up to $954 from Bob’s purchase. But now, because monster mode is a five tier viral system, that’s only the start of your income. As Bob gets visitors, you make and keep all commissions on his second tier, meaning from everybody who buys the second offer also called cache plug-in number 2 built into Bob’s own funnel. This happens on complete autopilot or mode website next as Bob’s referrals get visitors you may can keep all commissions paid on their third tier, aka cache plug-in # 3. Again on 100% autopilot and so on through tier #5.

 Note that all of this is done without paying a dime for monster mode itself.! All monster motors of course receive the built in offers they choose to buy but the million-dollar kicker here is that upon buying, they’re simultaneously activated for monster mode commissions on those same products cross up to five tiers.

Needless to say the income potential here is absolutely insane, and is exactly why I’m making well over five hundred dollars a day with Monster Mode 700k, and now it’s your turn to do the same. Click the big continue button below to get started and I recommend minimally activating the first two or three built-in offers, so that you can quickly begin stuffing your inbox with autopilot commissions. Fortunately, not all viruses are bad once the cat is let out of the bag and visitors start landing on your monster mode website there’s no turning back but seriously this thing is so viral it’s almost scary and what’s amazing is that everything I’ve talked about is all wrapped up into one single website.Your monster mode funnel which as mentioned looks exactly like the website you’re on right now. Your viral system that I talked about runs behind the scenes of your monster mode website it’s all database controlled meaning you do absolutely nothing to set it up or maintain it it’s all 100% DFY . Simply relax and let monster modes viral technology do its thing and sending you those beefy autopilot commissions. 

Ultimately, Monster Mode isn’t about the money. 

Money is just a tool to get what you need and want if you use your money correctly it’ll turn into more money and more money meaning you’ll have access to more of the good things in life and that is what monster mode is all about it’s about true freedom. For example the freedom to doze all morning and got out and get out of bed when you’re totally refreshed like I like to do I’m a dozer for sure the freedom to hang out with your kids at the park and have an afternoon picnic instead of working a day job making your employer rich the opportunity to leverage your time to create wealth versus exchanging precious hours for dollars at a day job the freedom to head out to watch a movie and come to an inbox full of sales as I’ve done many times the freedom to fish like I like to do golf go to the beach and do whatever you love virtually whenever you want a luxury to travel anywhere in the world while making ten times the income you made at your old day job and so much more that is the monster mobile dive style the internet lifestyle  I want to give you, in the easiest and fastest way possible.

So that’s the real reason you’re here and the reason you owe it to yourself to take action right now, 100 % risk-free.

Click the big continue button below right now to get your monster mode funnel activated for commissions. You can start with at least 1 tier, but I highly recommend activating all five tiers so they’ll have the same exact setup as my $ 500 plus/ day funnel.