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Best WordPress Search Plugins – Improving & Tracking Website Searches – #16 – From $0 to $2K

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Best WordPress Search Plugins – Improving & Tracking Website Searches – #16 – From $0 to $2K

Date: 2021-03-08 22:36:37

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Discover the best WordPress search plugins to improve the search form and the search results on your website. There are plenty of WordPress website search plugins and you can choose from free site search plugins and premium site search plugins. While I have not tested every single plugin, I go through the top-rated options in this video.

In addition, I show you how to track site search in Google Analytics and GA4. You can track how many people have viewed search results in Google Analytics 4 and you can see the searches that people make in Google Analytics. By optimizing for website searches, you can ensure that you have great results for your website visitors as they use site search to view your products and blog posts.

About This Video:

– My goal is to focus on improving the User Experience on
– I will show you how to track website searches using your Google Analytics account.
– I’m going to be updating from the standard WordPress search bar to a premium plugin with all of my websites.
– You don’t need to use a premium search plugin – The built-in WordPress search bar works well and there are free plugins that work great too.

Free & Freemium WordPress Search Plugins:

1. Ivory Search (Premium starts at $19.99/year):

2. Relevanssi (Premium starts at $99/year):

3. Ajax Search Lite (Premium is $36/website):

4. ACF: Better Search (Free only):

5. Better Search (Free only):

6. WP Google Search (Free only):

Premium WordPress Search Plugins:

1. Ajax Search Pro ($36/website):

2. Ajax Search for WooCommerce ($49/year):

3. Search WP ($99/year):

4. Ivory Search ($19/year):

5. Elastic Press ($79/month):

6. Relevanssi ($99/year):

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