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Basics of Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing & Referral Marketing – #3 – From $0 to $2K

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Basics of Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing & Referral Marketing – #3 – From $0 to $2K

Date: 2020-10-27 20:18:41

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This is a website traffic video that focuses on social media marketing traffic, email marketing traffic, referral marketing, and direct traffic. When you are trying to drive more relevant website traffic from different sources in Google Analytics, this is the video for you. We will cover the initial stages of building your marketing strategy so you can remain consistent and build an audience outside of your website. If you have people engaged with your business, they will be the first to find your content, interact with your business, purchase from your website, and ultimately help you drive revenue.

From $0 to $2K playlist:

Excel Spreadsheet – The latest version can be found here:

Initial Questions to ask about your business:

Social Media: What platforms do your customers use?
Email: What value do you consistently provide?
Referral: What websites do your customers use?

Important Website Traffic Tip: You need to provide value to potential customers in order to get them to visit your website and convert.

Content Question:

Do you have the resources (time/money/employees) in order to consistently create content for your social media and email audiences?

Every channel should have consistent updates for growth. Only focus on channels where you can be consistent.

1. What social channels will you focus on? Why will they help your business grow?

– Facebook
– Instagram
– YouTube
– Twitter
– Pinterest
– LinkedIn
– Snapchat
– TikTok
– Reddit

2. What is the value that your email marketing will provide? What incentives do you offer?

Email Marketing Process:

1. Sign-up for an Email Marketing provider (I use Mailchimp)
2. Create your email list
3. Build your list with subscribers (ongoing)
4. Create engaging content and helpful content
5. Email your best content and promotions to subscribers
6. Provide incentives and value to subscribers

3. What websites can you use to drive more referral traffic back to your website?

Referral Traffic Best Practices:

1. Focus on review websites and directories first
2. Guest blogging, podcast guest, video guest
3. Q&A websites like Quora
4. Infographics and other branded shareable content
5. Backlink outreach

Initial Strategy:

SEO: Focus is mainly on creating content and organic search traffic first

PINTEREST: 100+ pins/day – Product images and custom pins

INSTAGRAM: 3+ posts/week – Wicker furniture designs and new products

FACEBOOK: 3+ posts/week – Wicker furniture designs and new products

EMAIL: Create email list once Wicker Guide has 20+ blog posts

REFERRAL: No strategy due to lack of opportunities

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