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Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, NLP-Hypnosis

Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, NLP-Hypnosis

How To Lock The Content Of Your Content Marketing And Grow Your Email And Messenger List

CPA-Affiliate Marketing

How To Lock The Content Of Your Content Marketing And Grow Your Email And Messenger List

Free Tool That Helps You Lock Your Content and Grow Your Email and Messenger Bot List



''Content is king''. We all know this motto and that content marketing is essential for driving traffic, use it as a lead magnet to grow our email and/or messenger bot list and ultimately increase our sales and life time value of a visitor- customer.

Today there is free and plenty of content for almost any niche everywhere. But most of the visitors  after consuming your content and with increasingly lower attention  span ( no matter if it is in text, video etc form) leave your site and forget about your content that you struggled to create and hardly ever reach out to you again...

Instead of asking for the email address of a prospect buyer and visitor before accessing or after your video, course, cheatsheet, e-book, blog post etc whouldn't it be more effectve if the visitor submitted his email or gave you his/her permission to be contacte on messenger when is higly engaged and obviously interested while reading your text or watching your video?

MSGLOCK is an app that gives you the opportunity to grow your email and messenger bot list by :

- Locking text content on your blog-web page after a period of minutes or seconds, a selected , or all content

-Locking a downloadable file in-line in your post-article

- Locking a PDF  File

-Locking a video after a specified period of time

How MSGLOCK works:

Just upload your file or link that you want to lock, add a pre and post optin headline, description and agreement by choosing your preferred colours of button text and background and simply add a script iinside the body area of your page or post html scipt.

- It is FREE App-tool for the first 250 subscribers!

Email and Messsenger Bot integration

- increasing number of optin rates

- Allows you to grow your list 

Who is MSGLOCK For:

Basically all marketers, digital marketing agencies, every company-organization,bloggers etc...

So, what are you waiting for! Leverage this free app and add it to your marketing arsenal now:)



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