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Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, NLP-Hypnosis

Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, NLP-Hypnosis

3 Affiliate Marketing Dead Methods & One That Works!

CPA-Affiliate Marketing

3 Affiliate Marketing Dead Methods & One That Works!

Date: 2019-11-27 13:58:43

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These 3 affiliate methods are DEAD for scaling your affiliate campaigns or getting affiliate traffic. I also talk about methods that work…

Now many will argue that these affiliate marketing methods are NOT DEAD…I welcome your comments and healthy debate…

Keep in mind this is just my opinion…

They used to be easy to make work, and many guru courses still pitch this stuff but it’s NOT EASY and will likely result in heartbreak.

In my opinion they affiliate marketing dead methods are dying fast.

Avoid these failing affiliate methods and focus on scaling by building real long term value for your audience.

This is aimed at affiliate marketers who are looking to build long term scalable businesses without having to worry about chasing accounts.

Look I get it you can make a ton of money running blackhat Facebook but it is getting extremely difficult for the average affiliates.

The days of just setting up new accounts and running them is over for most people since it takes a lot of resources and risk. The platform changes daily and people selling accounts can hardly keep up with the constant ban hammer for different reasons…

I may have called out a few gurus and sorry if I offended you :).

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