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10 Twitter Myths That Might Be Killing Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns


10 Twitter Myths That Might Be Killing Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

10 Twitter Myths That Might Be Killing Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns-Modern Twitter Marketing

10 Twitter Myths That Might Be Killing Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Make no mistake, if you believe in certain myths, you’ll end up sabotaging yourself. This applies across the board. This doesn’t just apply to marketing and definitely doesn’t just apply to social media marketing.

If you believe in myths regarding your productivity, your ability to produce stuff on time suffers. If you believe in myths regarding your self-esteem or self-confidence, you’ll end up suffering on so many different levels.

Myths lead you to a dead end. It’s a good idea to get rid of them so you can get better results. Unfortunately, it’s one thing to say that you should overcome myths, it’s another to actually do something about them.

The biggest part of the challenge is identifying the myths in the first place. When it comes to twitter marketing, here are 10 myths that you need to identify, confront, and overcome.

twitter automatically delivers tons of traffic

Just because you put up a Twitter account doesn’t necessarily mean you will get a ton of traffic from Twitter. In fact, according to the intensive analysis done by digital marketing firms, Twitter actually sends only a small fraction of the exposures it gets. This means that, even a lot of your twitter followers retweet your material, very few people click through.

This is why it’s crucial that you get retweeted a lot, so that the volume of those retweets can compensate the fact that few people click through. Without heavy visibility—as far as retweets go—you shouldn’t really expect a huge volume of visitors from Twitter.

This makes a lot of sense because Twitter is actually swimming in millions upon millions of twits every single day. It’s very easy for these twits to fall between the cracks. Massive retweets enable your content to overcome this statistical disadvantage.

A lot of people are under the impression that Twitter is simply a branding platform. It’s great to have your content in front of people’s eyeballs so they can see the title. It’s great to see your brand and your pictures on twitter—but that’s pretty much it.

These two lines of thought are inaccurate. Twitter can deliver traffic. Just don’t expect a massive amount. But it can deliver and—if you play your cards right—it can deliver qualified traffic.

This is a big deal because when traffic is qualified, these people know what they’re clicking on and they’re clear as to what their needs are. If the content they land on addresses those needs, there’s a big chance these people would actually convert into buyers or list of members or something else.

Regardless of how you convert traffic into cold hard cash, you have a higher chance of doing that if your traffic is qualified. Twitter can be a great source of qualified traffic. Numerically speaking, it may not be much, but success in online marketing is measured by conversions, not necessarily traffic volume.

trafficis the only benefit you get from twitter

If you know how to use Twitter, chances are, you will be able to drive traffic from this platform. It’s easy to think that this is the only benefit you would get.

It turns out that Twitter actually brings a lot of benefits to the table. Not only can it drive direct visitors to your target website, it can also help you get more backlinks for SEO purposes. It can also help you become an instant expert in your niche field.

It brings a lot of benefits to the table. You just have to be open minded about it. You also have to put in the time, as far as engagement is concerned.

Don’t hang your hat on traffic. Traffic alone is not going to put dollars in your pocket. You have to qualify that traffic. This is one of the most powerful benefits of twitter because you qualify that traffic by building up your brand, credibility, and authority.

twitter traffic doesn’t convert

In the early days of Twitter, lots of marketers managed to pump a lot of traffic from Twitter. It turned out that the huge percentage of this traffic simply doesn’t convert. This doesn’t mean that the traffic is fake. It’s not like all this traffic came from software. That wasn’t the problem.

The problem was, the people-driving all this heavy traffic volume-didn’t bother to qualify that traffic. In fact, a lot of them tricked people into clicking on a link.

I don’t know about you, but if I got tricked into clicking on a link through click-bait or some other cheap trick, I won’t exactly be in the mood to buy something. I wouldn’t be pumped up to sign up to some sort of mailing list. Because in the back of my head, I’d be thinking “I got tricked!”. I was expecting something, and I ended up in a place that did not deliver on my expectations.

If you drive real traffic, and you qualify through content, the right hashtags and branded twitter page, chances are, that traffic can convert. Twitter traffic does convert, you just have to know what you’re doing. You can’t just focus on a massive amount of traffic and expect—somehow, someway—for people to sign up. It doesn’t work that way.

engaging competing influencers is a waste of time

A lot of marketers think that the global traffic pie is fixed, and that there’s only so much to go around. According to this thinking, if you want your slice of the twitter traffic pie to get bigger, you have to necessarily elbow into your competitors’ slice.

Put simply, for your slice of traffic to get bigger, their slice has to get smaller. After all, there’s only so much to share. This is wrong. There is such a thing as increasing the size of the pie.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are under the impression that reaching out to people who are already authorities—or are credible figures on twitter—regarding their niche, means that they are basically making a deal with the enemy.

They view these people—who are competing for the same traffic—as opponents. This really is too bad because there’s lots more money and traffic that can be generated from cooperation instead of competition.

Don’t get me wrong, competition is good, competition lights a fire on people’s behinds and pushes them to do their best. Competition ignites your fire in the belly and pushes you to the limit. You’re pushed to be more creative. You are challenged to be more resourceful.

This enables you to come up with better solutions and beat your competition today. Subsequently, they might come up with something better tomorrow, which means that you have to step up.

That’s what’s so awesome about competition. It pushes people to perform. They can’t get lazy. They can’t expect to coast on their past victories. That simply is not an option. As a result, everybody is better for it.

Why? You can always reverse engineer your competitors. You can see that they’ve stepped up their game, or have chosen to present better content. Maybe they’ve optimized their squeeze page to convert better. Whatever form it takes, you can actually copy it and adopt their innovations as your own, and build upon it.

When they see this, they may come up with their own version, and on and on it goes. This is why it’s never a bad idea to reach out to influential people on twitter who may be competitors in your niche. You end up working together.

If they think you’re knowledgeable and they respect you, they end up lending you some of their credibility, so some of their followers become your followers too. You, on the other hand, become more influential because of your interaction with pre-existing experts. You then grow your following and this can benefit them as well. By doing so, you cooperate and this leads to a larger pie.

it is impossible to incorporate twitter into a sales funnel

Usually, when people create a sales funnel, they’re looking for a quick, heavy volume source of traffic. This accounts for the massive amount of advertising buys on Facebook. People just want to drive a lot of traffic to the top of this funnel and let the funnel itself—through the landing page and other content—filter that traffic into conversions.

Some people are under the impression that you can’t do this with Twitter. In their minds, Twitter is just good for branding. Other critics say that Twitter traffic can’t be all that predictable.

Thankfully, both these views are wrong. It is possible to incorporate twitter into your sales funnel. How? Twitter is just like any other traffic source—like paid Facebook ads or Google AdWords—with little difference.

If you get this traffic, you push it through several layers of content, and out comes a conversion—if you get enough traffic in the first place. You just need to tweak your Twitter campaign to work as a sales funnel.

How do you do this? You qualify people. They may become aware of your content on twitter. However, you must set up your website so that—once you get them to your website—people who are truly interested will keep clicking through the guts of your website until they get to your squeeze page.

There’s quite a bit for filtration going on but this qualifies your traffic. Also, it increases the chances that those visitors would end up buying something.

you cannot get leads off a tweet

A lot of people are under the impression that tweets, by themselves, don’t really add much value to marketing campaigns. This really is too bad, because if you know what you’re doing with twitter, each and every tweet you send out builds your credibility—with in turns increases the chances people would sign up for your mailing list.

You have to understand that people don’t have enough time. You may be thinking that it only takes a couple of minutes to fill out an online form. That may be true—but that’s still two minutes more than these people are willing to invest.

They’re very busy, they have so many other things they need to focus on.  They have a lot of duties, responsibilities, and obligations. There are, after all, only 24 hours in a day.

This is why it’s a good idea to get people to check out content through twitter and build up credibility. They may reach a point where they like your brand enough for them to give you the benefit of the doubt. This is when you show them your squeeze page tweet.  This increases the likelihood that they would sign up. Once they sign up for one of your mailing lists, you get many bites at the apple to get them to buy all sorts of products and services. You can get leads off a tweet. You just have to optimize that content, and run the visitor through the confidence building pages which culminates in a squeeze page.

twitter is only good for branding

This myth is very, very common when twitter just launched. For the life of them, marketers simply could not turn twitter traffic into cash. They were getting a lot of traffic, but—the problem is—they don’t know what to do with that traffic.

Well, it’s been several years since the launch of twitter, and now we know better. Twitter traffic, if properly qualified, actually performs really well compared to other types of traffic.

How? Well, the secret sauce is in the qualification. When you get traffic from twitter, get the person to click page after page after page that conditions them—or qualifies them—until they get to a squeeze page, and they become ready to enter their email address.

These are the only people you should really focus on. Everybody else might be just a waste of time. Maybe they’re just curiosity seekers that are not really all that serious. Or maybe, they’re just confused. Whatever their case may be, you need to focus only on people who are truly interested.

twitter isn’t worth it because it is dying soon

There’s always reports of twitter failing to live up to its full potential. There are all sorts of news reports indicating business analysts’ doom and gloom predictions for twitter. If I were to get a penny for all the news reports I have read, which fear twitter’s impending death, I would be a rich person right now. Seriously!

These stories come and go, but they all talk about the same thing. They all talk about twitter being unprofitable, unsustainable, and so on and so forth. Well, let’s put it this way. If twitter was such a bad idea to start with, it would have died a long time ago—it hasn’t. There’s still a lot of fight left in Twitter, and we might as well enjoy the ride—right?

twitter has absolutely no value for SEO

This is one of those absolute statements that you really need to step away from. If you believe these types of conclusive statements, then your appreciation of Twitter would be very one-sided. It would be very flat and, unfortunately, a flat view of twitter prevents you from fully tapping its amazing potential.

You have to understand that when you get a lot of love from twitter, this can lead to bloggers or niche specific industry observers to talk about you. If you get a lot of buzz on Twitter—regarding a particular niche—it’s only a matter of time until recognized, high quality, high authority blogs in your niche start mentioning your name and website.

Why? They’re not dumb. They are constantly on the lookout for niche specific content. If you have developed quite a following on social media, they would want to feature you. How come? You’re a free content.

If you have developed that huge following, obviously somebody is interested in what you’re doing. These obligations want to get the bottom line.

Twitter marketing can help you achieve explosive growth. You can take that to the bank. However, for this to happen, you have to know what you are doing.

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